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Friday, April 15, 2016

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The final item may present a clue to the current state of British Columbia's energy market. It's hard to believe we came to this only through the sheer stupidity of our policy makers.


  1. So Norm, given your excellent research and analysis, of BC Hydro's current fiscal situation, my impression in two words is, "technically bankrupt". The people of this province have been "technically defrauded" of billions of dollars. The IPP debacle, has to be ceased. This progressive defrauding of BC's future, is exactly the same as a white collar criminal venture, similar to a ponzi scheme. Where are the "authorities" who are in charge of this type of fraud and essentially misappropriation of present and future earnings while at the same time, misleading the people of this province with statements of balanced budgets. In the real world, the securities exchange commission would be all over this, police and federal revenue officers, would be investigating this for criminal fraud charges.

  2. The Commish tells it like it was in 2011:


    “They got their strategy all wrong,” Mr. Paulson said told The Globe and Mail’s editorial board Monday. “They’ve got it all wrong. We sit around waiting for people to throw us bones out of the regulatory bodies. And we’re not being police officers. “When you’re a police officer, you go to the area where the crime is happening, you scan it, you see who is doing it, and you get in there. You talk to humans, you recruit sources, you do undercover operations. And you get evidence in the near term and you bring it to court.” He added the ideal police officer for IMETs should be someone with “fangs” who is “hungry” to succeed. “I call them professionally aggressive,” he said.

    Ian Mulrew tells it like it still is in 2016:


    “The RCMP won’t go after a man who bilked more than 100 people out of nearly $12 million, a decision that emphasizes the lack of will to tackle white-collar crime.” “Such white-collar misconduct is given little priority by police.”

    The chances of the RCMP ever pro-actively investigating government malfeasance unless the case is delivered gift-wrapped in the midst of intense public outrage are virtually nil.

    The BC Liberal perpetual money motion machine is laughing all the way to off and onshore banks.

  3. If there is such a "rush" to investigate white collar crime, why is it so "obvious" that criminal malfeasance is willingly and openly "condoned" by the judiciary due to their inability to investigate and or prosecute? The attorney generals offices of both provincial and federal govenments, along with Commissioner Paulson, admit that their methodology of investigation and prosecution is lacking in the extreme. Make no mistake , if your not part of the solution to the obvious corruption problem, in certain government jurisdictions in this country, you are very much a part of the problem. "Any form of corruption and malfeasance in governance", especially here in BC, demands immediate and forthright action. The involvement of political groups with "third world corrupt regimes", should be ringing alarm bells both in Victoria and Ottawa. "Gangland corruption" can take many forms, look carefully, you might be surprised where you really find it......

  4. I'll be writing my (BC Lib) MLA later today on this. If the NDP were back in power and early in their mandate said, "We have some new ideas that will address some problems with the Fast Cats. We're going to build three new Series II Fast Cats…" the people of BC and the media would be all over them.

    Surely the BC Liberals know their IPP experiment is a fiscal failure that far outstrips the Fast Ferries. Just last year, they blew $672 million past market price on overpayments to IPPs. In 2016 dollars, that would cover the NDP's original Fast Cat program — and these contractual overpayments are an annual thing.

    Knowing what a failure the IPPs are, you'd think the people and the media would be all over the BC Liberals. What's more, you'd think the BC Liberals would put an abrupt halt to any new IPPs. Nope… the approvals are ongoing and the media isn't letting the Hydro ratepayers know the back story, so the bulk of BC residents are silent on the issue.

    I'll be interested in seeing my MLA's reply. (John Martin, btw.) I'll post it on this site, if I get one.

  5. People will pay attention when the Neo-Liberal party of BC comes out and says that
    BC Hydro is bankrupt and has to be sold for pennies on the dollar to one of their donors in a secret backroom deal that can't be examined for 100 years. Then Christy will tell us all how it was the NDP's fault from the 90's and people will nod their heads knowingly and go back to sleep. The system works !

  6. $172 billion total BC debt + government contractual obligation = $43,000 for each British Columbian resident: man, woman, child. Thanks to the BC Liberals.



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