Friday, February 19, 2016

Budget bashing

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  1. "(In 2014) BC School districts then 'invested' $3,887,350 in 155,494 tonnes CO2e of carbon offsets."

    This is so the BC government could proclaim itself "carbon neutral". While promoting LNG.

    Overall the BC Public Sector spent $16,478,450 to buy carbon offsets.

    You can see where that money went here:

    $16 million of public money to buy carbon offsets from these projects, what an unbelievable rip off. Completely mind boggling.

  2. can someone please explain HOW the budget can be deemed BALANCED when the provincial debt continues to climb? ANYONE??? why does the Opposition not point at this glaring fact???

    1. If a person could explain that, and convince us that steady increases in debt are good public policy, he/she could also justify a person who earns minimum wage purchasing a $40,000 Audi A3 because it will save the future cost of a bus pass.



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