Friday, October 2, 2015

Wilderness destruction, only to enrich a few

Narrows Inlet by Duane Burnett:
An almost pristine silent majestic oasis where the west coast rain forest mountains plunged straight into the fjord carved out by the last ice age, rich with so many salmon spawning you could almost walk across the water, and an area steeped with thousands of years of beautiful Shishalh nation history.

Read more commentary about the video and Narrows Inlet by Duane Burnett

More from In-Sights about Narrows Inlet private power projects.

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  1. There will probably be some fish farms on the inlet as well. Quite the Campbell legacy, isn't it.

  2. Mr. Bennett? Ms. Polak? are you there? about Ms. Clark?......or all the Ministers that have gleefully pushed these projects but have since slunk out of the scene.....Penner, Lekstrom....these people were instrumental in facilitating these type of they still stand up for them and their proven costs both environmentally and financially? Every photo here directly contradicts what they have told the people of BC.

    None of the stories in your related links have ever been mentioned in mainstream media.....Vaughn Palmer, you there? I know Gillian Shaw is around because she was paid to tell the IPP's how to deal "with their worst nightmare" informed public.

    How about that.....I forgot Gordon Campbell!....guess his slinking out really did work.

    slinked, slunk....a whole new vocabulary needs to be invented.....present words cannot adequately describe the BC Liberals and their media gophers

  3. Carte blanche to do anything they wanted to. British Columbians should be ashamed, but than again its BC??, bankrupted morally and financially.

  4. Tear up IPP contracts and BC Hydro purchase agreements, let the principals take it to court.

    Every IPP should be inspected for environmental infractions, and their licences pulled when they are found.

    Let government officials explain to a judge how the IPP program is not a breach of public trust.



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