Thursday, September 24, 2015

The high life

The posh New York real estate linked to a US investigation of Malaysia’s prime minister, BC Liberal's new LNG business partner.
Malaysia’s prime minister must be feeling the heat. Accused of pocketing nearly $700 million from a state development fund, Najib Razak now faces an investigation by the US Justice Department’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, according to the New York Times. Besides the missing mega-millions, investigators will focus on properties in the US that were purchased in recent years by shell companies belonging to the prime minister’s stepson, Riza Aziz, as well as other real estate connected to a businessman and close family friend, Jho Low...

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  1. Taxpayers must guess why the BC Legislature was called into session to pass laws giving irrevocable rewards to Coleman and Clark's Malaysian business partners. Someone might do very well out of the province's natural gas.

  2. Are those Christy's slippers under the sofa?

    1. Ha!

      I don't think you'd disagree, that it could be in the running for comment of the 2000's?

  3. Christy says she likes to meet new people and learn better ways to conduct the province's business. Razak raised her ambitions and he has much to teach her.

  4. Now that this information has been made Public, may one be confident that on our behalf, A.G. Anton will be beckoning "Premier" Clark and her handler, Rich Coleman, into her Office to be debriefed?




    Not my words, but rather the 3 afore mentioned.

    Gary L.

  5. Question is, was the alleged corruption of the Prime Minister of Malaysia learned from the vast experience of the BC Liberals? Or vice-versa?

  6. World Trade Center it's not, but, would the whole tower collapse by knocking out the exposed columns in his condo and the next ten above, floor by floor?

  7. Catchy phrase the" Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative", seems we need one of these organizations in Canada...anyone in the Justice Ministry in Ottawa listening?
    I'll bet I can start you good folks off with a few names, just to give you a heads up on how kleptocracy works here in B.C.
    One would think the CRA, Fintrak and a host of other "regulatory" and financial integrity agencies, would be all over this. Canadian funds involved, why all the better.
    The BC Libs, have to be careful who they do business with...don't they?.....regardless of the slippers under the bed?



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