Friday, August 14, 2015

Farrell with Jessop, CFAX1070 August 13, 2015

The audio file below is a recording of my time with Ian Jessop August 13. We talk about bcIMC, provincial debt and other matters.

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  1. Very interesting. And very, very discouraging. I scrimp and save to get by on my meagre income and these 'public servants' make more in a week than I do in a year! Where is the accountability? I don't see things changing, even with a change of government. I don't expect a new regime would be able to change things without incurring a huge expense due to contract obligations, severances, pensions etc.
    And I don't expect my (and the 99%) income to increase by a factor of 10, much less 50!
    Are we stuck with this disparity forever? Or just until I move to Washington?
    Until Norm comes up with a possible remedy I can only remain extremely discouraged over his revelations.



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