Friday, April 17, 2015

Sliding from have to have-not

Statistics Canada provides surveys that allow analysis of employment. In my opinion, one data set that gains too little attention is the employment rate. It refers to the number of persons employed, expressed as a percentage of the total population 15 years of age and over.

When the economy is difficult and opportunities are scarce, some individuals give up the search for employment and disappear from the ranks of the unemployed. When the economy is vibrant and opportunities are plentiful, inactive individuals are drawn into the workforce.

Recent events emphasize the BC government's lack of focus on delivering benefits to citizens. Instead, it is the servant of special interests. There is little interest in developing industries that add value to provincial resources and encourage manufacturing and processing, but Liberals are willing to spend billions on subsidies and megaprojects like Site C so that foreign owned companies can ship provincial assets overseas with a near zero share of value remaining for citizens.

Over time, BC has ranked poorly compared to other Canadian provinces. Not surprisingly, in measures of job growth, the province also ranks poorly, although that was not always the case.

We must admit these numbers could have been worse but for the actions of BC Liberals. Had government not spent millions advertising the BC Jobs Plan and employed platoons of public relations folks to imagine all kinds of scenarios aiming to turn bad news into good, even fewer jobs would have been created. We should be grateful for small mercies.

Source: Statistics Canada CANSIM 282-0002

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  1. Yes, thank Heaven for small mercies. Brings to mind the Kinder/Morgan Kleanup Corp's comment about there's no such thing as a bad spill (as far as generating employment). Wonder how many jobs the cleanup of the Mount Polley 'Spill' has generated. Do you suppose it too is 80% cleaned up? After all, it is more than 8 months old.

  2. Most stuff we buy is made in low-wage countries. We need to make more stuff and grow more food in BC.

  3. I don't believe your graphs, Norm. Surely, Christy's "Jobs Plan" is doing it's job — and Tim Rice says things are going gangbusters in northwest BC.

  4. Large public billboards detailing these and similar graphs produced on this site regularly would have been very effective ads for the NDP in the last election.They are very powerful and easy to digest. Hopefully the graphics (unlike the citizenry) will be fully employed during the next.

    1. "Large public billboards detailing these and similar graphs produced on this site regularly would have been very effective ads for the NDP in the last election."

      Yes, but that's only if they actually wanted to win. I question their true intentions because of what their campaign choices told us, what they did and did not say about the thought-to-be "unelectable" liberals (who were desperately on the ropes mostly because of blogs like this one, AGT's, Laila's, and Harv's, and the Liberals' horrendous track record, of course), and because of the flawed, weak, politically inept "leader" they allowed to front their challenge. If they couldn't win then (or did not want to, or were thwarted from), then it's difficult to imagine an environment where they ever could. Horgan??? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

      Looking at the state of affairs in BC, the only circumstances where the NDP will ever lead are most cynical indeed, and they mirror the situation in the States after 2 W Bush administrations: The country had been trashed in every conceivable way for 8 years. International approval was almost non-existent. Naked aggression or the threat of it was the new foreign policy. At home preventable/profitable crisis upon crisis were band-aided in ways that would catastrophically fail during (and beyond) the next administration's tenure making true responsibility for them opaque at best. *Then they handed over the reigns.* They ran unelectable candidates with specious platforms and ceded "control" to their fall-guys, the Democrats - - - who then proceded to make it all worse. They are truly headed toward a political/national crisis on the same scale as the Depression and the Civil War, imo. They are also modelling political and social choices that are either contagious or metastasizing to other countries, which I believe we are experiencing in Canada, where BC's situation is but a microcosm. It's not too hard to see how this story ends if one is honest.

      Meanwhile, oil has halved while Saudi Arabia produces at a record pace and Iran awaits the imminent green light to begin selling on a normalized scale again. Catch what that has done to the Looney? And just as importantly, Russia, China and several other key nations are building a new currency infrastructure that replaces USD reserve status on a grand and growing scale.

      Have you ever heard of some lousy prick who new he was about to be turfed so he stole everything that wasn't bolted down and ran up all his expense accounts on his way out? This always happens when there's no accountability. And in our shiny new digital skookum era accountability seems not to have survived. It's an anachronism. It's so......analog, lol.

    2. Actually I did know a guy who resembles the one you describe. Last I heard he was "working" in London, England...

  5. I can only imagine the outrage Norm must feel when compiling these damningly valuable graphics---BC Liberals at a glance. They are so compelling I have to agree with Lew: big bill boards of these graphs would really help, say, the NDP...
    But once again I have to praise the goodness of Norm's soul, shown even in sarcasm, that we should count every blessing no matter how small, and no matter how dark the silver-lined clouds.

    Thanx again, Norm.



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