Sunday, March 29, 2015

Response to inhumanity: resilience

Photos of Kobani, Syria, a former city described by The Guardian:’s an extraordinary, nightmarish place they find, barely recognisable as a city. Piles of rubble where buildings once stood, burnt-out cars and tanks, bodies and burials all over the place. And the battle still raging all around – the rat-a-tat of Isis sniper fire; a boom as a Kurdish teenage girl fires a mortar back; bigger booms still, as coalition bombs rain down from planes flying overhead...
Without discussing the rights and wrongs of actions, I asked on Twitter:
Remember when Canada focused on humanitarian actions and peacekeeping, instead of bombing?
In the Globe and Mail, respected jurist Louise Arbour voices "grave doubts about the way wealthy and powerful countries, such as Canada, deliver [beliefs and values].

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  1. Harper and the rest of you, this is all wrong. And for those of you who couldn't bother to show up and vote against more action, absolutely shameful. C, Liberal, NDP and Independents, all of you who couldn't bother. I think it's time we put the politicians on the front lines.



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