Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You can't handle the truth: BC Liberals - Updated

Site C not necessarily a slam dunk: Bennett, Business in Vancouver, October 15, 2014
"Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett says he is still torn on whether his government should give the green light to BC Hydro’s $7.9 billion Site C hydroelectric dam..."
Vaughn Palmer quoting Bill Bennett, The Vancouver Sun, October 17, 2014
"Despite the rumours to the contrary, government has not made a final decision on Site C. We are definitely not in the ministry of energy biased toward one choice or another. No one should think that we have made a decision to build Site C, because we haven’t."
Meanwhile, in the real world, Partnerships British Columbia issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to three shortlisted proponents for Site C worker accommodation as part of the selection process for building worker accommodation at the Site C dam site.
"The design, construction, partial financing, operation and maintenance of two temporary accommodation camps for the Site C Clean Energy Project (Site C). The two camps — one located on the north bank and one on the south bank of the Peace River — would provide accommodation and recreational facilities for the majority of workers at the dam site for the duration of the Site C construction period."

Above published November 11, 2014

Update November 12, 2014

Request For Proposal (RFP) #1951, BC Hydro and Power Authority, BC Hydro and Power Authority, Site C Dam

Site Preparation - North Bank
The purpose of this RFP is to select a proponent who will be responsible for site
preparation on the north bank of the Peace River at the site of the proposed dam and
surrounding project area. Any work contemplated under this RFP is subject to a provincial
investment decision to proceed to construction of the Project. No construction will begin
unless all relevant approvals are in place.

The scope of work under the Contract will generally include the following site preparation
(a) excavation and disposal of approximately 3,000,000m3;
(b) quarry development, including riprap production, of approximately 100,000m3;
(c) building of approximately 7.25 kilometres of access roads; and
(e) clearing and grubbing of approximately 115 hectares.

BC Hydro will give consideration to a request from a proponent for a site visit and has
tentatively identified November 18 - 20 as dates for such site visits. To register please
email the Contact Person at

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  1. Doublespeak from the provincial LIbERalS.

  2. Like Bc ferries possibly.
    Breach of fudiciary duty but NDP WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP THEM.?
    Nothing like unwarranted infrastructure to bankrupt a region.
    Is BC A region?Yes it is and that's the 64 billion dollar debt question.
    Electricity won't be for the LNG worldwide glut that's fir sure.

  3. Mushroom management

  4. Wonder if the government is still conducting "consultations" with First Nations groups and that is why Bill Bennett claims the decision is not made even as they proceed with the process of tendering construction work.

    If so, it won't help the government's defence when they get taken into court.

  5. perhaps the b.c. lieberals want to ensure all their friends and family have as many contracts as possible prior to the next election. One does have to ask: WHO BENEFITS. Who gets the contracts.

    I guess all those welders they have been training in the Phillipines can now start planning their moves to b.c. because with all those trade agreements P.M. hide in the closet signed, they willl not need B.C. workers.

    If the B.C. Lieberals are building the dam for water for fracking, that business will not be moving ahead when oil is $77 a barrel, when oil is at $77 a barrel, there is no profit and when oil prices drop so do LNGs. So why the dam. B.C. Hydro is already bankrupt with all the contracts for the run of the river projects they owe money to. would some one explain why they are planning on building a dam at site C, besides the lieberals running B..C. into bankruptcy.

    What I truly do not understand, is if McRae and Clark tell us the province must continue to mine in the pockets of children living at 50% below the poverty line, and claw back $17 million a year, how the hell can this province afford to build Site C. If we hear Don McRae and Christy Clark, the province is in such financial trouble, they can not afford to ensure children and the disabled have an adequate standard of living nor can the province afford to bring all schools up to modern earthquake standards. I know the two of them like to say they have to grow the economy but really, if you can not afford the basics why build edifices to yourselves and make B.C., Detroit North

  6. Seems strange to be issuing an RFP like this when the decision to build the dam has (apparentlly) not yet been made. However, there is an escape clause in the RFP that it is subject to an investment decision being made to go ahead with the project.

  7. Site C is 'needed' so that foreign multinationals can frack our natural gas and export it as LNG, polluting our water, while paying tiny royalties, and dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Brilliant.

    1. Clark and Co. three ring circus is always brilliant right ! I don't think they could organize a party in a brothel - that's is how good they are !


    2. Don't you mean 5 ring.?

  8. For the last time The BC government will not be *** insert politically damaging policy here***.
    If you cant trust the people that brought you the BC Rail , HST , Smart meters , multiple Hydro deferral accounts , multiple MSP increases , the Port Mann/Sea to Sky/BC Place/Convention center overruns that make the fast ferries look like sound fiscal policy, who can you trust ? There are many more examples but im beginning to get a little depressed for our province. Oh Adrian why didn't you file that memo sooner !

  9. Yes...Detroit north, a perfect description of this new normal scenario. The manipulation of the media, and continued "rape" of the public trust, continues. We have been sold down the river, by a political party that is such in name only. The power is held by those behind the scene, the backroom manipulators, those not responsible to the electorate, but to their corporate financial backers. It is amazing to see the politicians, hold court and knowing full well of the overall deception, but seemingly oblivious to any consequence. There would appear to be none at all, politically or in law. What fools we are, to allow this to continue. Our broken system, has to be overhauled, big time. For now it seems business as usual, privatize profits, publicize debts. Sooner or later the pendulum must swing back towards integrity, reponsiblity and consequence...I can hardly wait..




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