Friday, November 14, 2014

More than LNG subsidies, consumers to pay higher prices

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, October 2014:
There are new warnings that gas prices will skyrocket as Queensland's huge LNG export projects start production next year.

The independent think tank, the Grattan Institute, has predicted that some households could see their gas bills jump by hundreds of dollars annually as the $60 billion a year export industry takes off.

Grattan Institute energy program director, Tony Wood, said consumers may face gas price increases over the next few years of more than $300 annually.

The report has found that high gas users in Melbourne can expect price rises of about $435 a year.

Mr Wood said manufacturers are expected to face even bigger increases.

"If you're a small business - a drycleaner, a baker or something like that - you might use in the order of about 4-500 gigajoules a year, and that would mean you're up for a gas bill increase of something like $2,500 to $3,000," he told AM...

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  1. Hey BC politicians spare a lump of coal?
    How's that new Surrey coal terminal going
    Remove that tunnel to let bigger boats upstream and build a 3 billion dollR bridge yet?

  2. So what they're saying is that local consumers will have to pay the higher export rate for natural gas.
    In BC we are already losing out due to the $1.25 billion in credits given to oil and gas companies, as the auditor general recently stated. And due to high capital costs of LNG projects, BC would receive minimal royalties for a long time, while the capital costs are being paid down. Are we debt-free yet?

  3. it is unfortunate the Australian government did not establish a two rate system, one for domestic consumption, one for export. But if your natural resources are owned by foreign corporations there is not much you can do about it. The Australians have no one to blame but themselves. Their standard of living may well fall, as those of North America have.

    When countries such as Canada and Australia are willing to impoverish their own citizens and damage their environment, I do wonder about the politicians. Do they do it for money? Do they do it for what is their version of fame, however fleeting? Do they do it because they actually think they are doing something good for their country? Do they do it because they can't help themselves, they are so narsisistic they can not imagine they could not be anything but correct in their beliefs and actions.

    I could not stop laughing, about a news story which got quite a bit of air play on one of the t.v. stations, about how much less the 1%ers are making. I do not know if that is supposed to make the children living at 50% below the poverty line feel better, but it sure did me, best laugh I have had in a long time. but it is an e.g. of how the media is turning the narrative, or attempting to.



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