Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Austerity is limited

School districts are forced to economize and they've done it in many ways. However, despite squeezing operating budgets so hard that supplies of classroom paper run out, certain costs are sticky downward. Utility costs and carbon taxes are but two examples. The compensation report from one school district might demonstrate another.

School District Salaries

I find the vacation payouts rather strange. Auditors shudder when senior officials take cash instead of vacations. It is subject to abuse because the people who keep track of days the bosses are absent are people who report to the bosses. Additionally, good internal controls require mandatory vacations for managers and not just a few days here and there. It is part of fraud control.

Another costly entitlement among senior public servants in this province results in the supplementary pensions that are downright lucrative when compared to pensions enjoyed by the vast majority of people employed in BC. Not only do these pensions call for significant employer contributions, uncapped by limits on annual pensionable earnings as most civil servants experience, but they are often further supplemented by substantial "retirement allowances."

Even worse, some individuals move from one public or quasi-public employer to another and qualify for multiple pensions in short periods of time. These lucky folks walk into their sunset age receiving far more than they earned during the best years of employment. By no coincidence, the senior managers who make the rules of compensation tend to be also the beneficiaries of the rules.

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  1. I believe vehicle allowances for people earning more than $50K a year be made illegal. If one makes more than $50K, one should be able to afford to operate a vehicle.

    So many senior bureaucrats receive so many perks, that they have lost touch with reality; they live in a world of pixie dust and fairies.

  2. “Even worse, some individuals move from one public or quasi-public employer to another and qualify for multiple pensions in short periods of time.”

    McKay retired and has “taken a position with the province’s Ministry of Education as a strategic advisor.”

    Just guessing here, but I imagine that is the kind of job that can be done anywhere via smart technology and likely with little accountability.

    The Liberal flim flam is an industry without limits.


  3. Like Mother always said, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    This is a classic example of how that is done. It is too bad this type of information isn't in the MSM. then of course they would loose all those advertising dollars from the provincial government. Of course, that would save the taxpayers a bundle and who knows people might start buying newspapers again, because they can learn things from it.

  4. I retired from the BC Public Sector a number of years back after 22 years of service with a pension of approximately $1,350.00 per month, dental and medical benefits inclusive.

    Some years back this government clawed back my dental and medical benefits. I am able to buy from a private source a comparative Dental Plan for approximately $62.50 per month and of course I pay Medical Service Plan premium of $120.50 per month. This amounts to a %13.7 reduction in my pension. I most certainly did not work in the right area.

    1. Another person showed me his/her pension records. After more than 40 years in public service, having earned above $150K p.a. during years that determined the pension, Municipal Pension Plan offered $2,400 per month for the person to retire at age 68.

  5. Wow! A 276K total of salary and goodies for a Sr. Administrator and we have how many of these? 62?

    If you look at this as compaired to Washing state as you did in your Hmmmmm blog post. It makes you kinda ill.

    It illustrates one of two things Sr. Management is getting paid appropreatly for what they are doing considering cost of living in BC or we are getting taken to the cleaners.


  6. Strange that today I read Vaughn Palmer's article about the recent LRB ruling regarding the 10% cuts to teachers. It was virtually "identical" to that of Keith Baldrey's a few days earlier. Now they don't even write original material, just copy and paste. Or is it delivered to them from above?

    Wouldn't you think that any real journalist would be shouting from the rooftops that the 10% is illegal? Not in BC!



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