Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Premier Clark promised a review

In the two and one half years since that review began, we have evidence of its results.

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  1. In the article from the G&M, Christy Clark said: “Yes, we would all like to get more value out of B.C. wood. But we are not going to get there by supporting Adrian Dix’s latest position on log exports. We are not going to get there by banning them,” she said. “Why does Adrian Dix seem so intent on throwing people out of work?”

    It really doesn't matter to the right wing toadies if we export every last tree in the Province, because it's all about "jobs". Nobody wants to an NDP talk about how we can create policies to ensure B.C. logs create B.C. jobs.

    With respect to to the so-called "review", I'm wondering if Christy's friend Jessica McDonald & her Liberal friendly company is doing the work. After all she did such a good job on her last Liberal friendly report on "Training" that it just landed her a posting on the Board at ICBC. Hey Norm, maybe we should get together & write some Liberal friendly reports........ I hear the pay is awesome and increases the more you mention Christy Clark.

    Guy in Victoria

  2. Hey if Burma can ban raw log export
    Banana columbia can.! if you can get past the liberal doublespeak of jobs.
    Every lumber,value added, manufacturing job has a multiplier effect ratio of about 4x(100 lumber jobs=400 indirect jobs.Retail jobs don't have this effect.
    Raw logs
    Raw oil
    Raw gas
    Raw deal

  3. Banning rawlog exports would be better than giving logs away below value but there ARE other options, such as restoring genuine log auctions at locations around the province, restoring the small business forest enterprise program, rejigging the log-selling process to make it more viable for local remanufacturers to bid on smaller lots, eg, not to mention restoring oversight staffers to cut down on tax-evading tricks like undervaluing and downgrading truckloads of logs, etc.

    1. Your suggestions would go against all that BC Liberals stand for so are not likely to happen. In this world, small business gets lip service, big business gets treasure.

  4. AS I state over and over again, the BC Liberal government is nothing more than a criminal organization which sole function is to sell off BC's natural resources to their financial friends (read global corporations) for penny's on the dollar. BC is a colonial state of major global corporations and their agents are the BC Liberals, therefore I rank the BC Liberal party and BC Liberals guilty of sedition. Premier photo-op is no better than one Quislings and the rest of the seditionist cabinet ministers no better than Lord Ha Ha or Tokyo Rose.

    Until the BC people clearly understand that what is happening in BC is no longer right versus left (the NDP seem too daft to understand this and by not understanding the situation they loose elections) it is a criminal organization versus the peoples freedom.

    Rafe Mair is calling for mass civil disobedience to save how sound and the "Eye" may step it up a notch and asks for province wide civil disobedience to overthrow a corrupt and evil government.

    It is pitchfork time boys and girls.

  5. Seems to me I heard once during a raid of the Leg. that organized crime had reached the highest levels of our govt.....only heard it once tho...Big business plus RCMP plus Govt.=Organized crime



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