Saturday, October 26, 2013

How dare he speak!

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  1. "Wherever there is profit, there is also deficit."
    Truer words were never spoken...
    Immensely enjoyable video.

  2. Well I never! Fortunately he has the right to voice his opinions without being thrown into a work camp, or worse...
    Thanks for posting this Norm.

    1. When we wonder about low voter turnouts, we might consider Russell Brand's comments. I suspect many young people share his ideas.

    2. I think that is true, Norm. I work with young people who tell me they don't vote because they feel it gives legitimacy to a system they say is flawed. I also know young people who say they don't understand how the system "works" because candidates say a thing before an election, but do the opposite after. I have long believed it was disgust rather than apathy behind our low voter turnouts.

    3. Good point. I should probably search for academic research on voter turnouts. There must be considerable work on this important subject.

  3. Someone needs to tell dear Jeremy that if voting really changed anything, it would have been made illegal decades ago. But, he already know that. He's part of the problem.



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