Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not told by Canada's corporate media

Fiscal record of Canadian political parties, Toby Sanger, The Progressive Economics Forum:
"With all the recent news stories — as well as alarm raised by other leaders — about the fiscal and economic impact and record of NDP governments, I decided to take a look at and review the fiscal record of all federal and provincial governments in Canada for the past three decades.

"These results may be surprising to some: they show that NDP governments have the best fiscal record of all political parties that have formed federal or provincial government in Canada.

"Of the 52 years the NDP has formed governments in Canada since 1980, they’ve run balanced budgets for exactly half of those years and deficits the other half. This is a better record than both the Conservatives (balanced budgets 37% of years in government) and the Liberals (only 27%), as well as both Social Credit and PQ governments..."

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  1. Norm, I couldn't find your email address to send you the following info about the Bank Bail In policies of the Federal Conservatives.

    The FDIC may insure our deposits; however, they don't have enough money in the kitty to pay us all; so, I put the question to my Van City Credit Union and this is what they said:

    Please note that funds held with Vancity are insured by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (CUDIC). As of November 27th of 2008, this coverage is total. This means that all balances in your Vancity account (including term deposits, RRSP investments and foreign funds) are guaranteed by the government of BC. You can visit the following link for more information regarding insurance under the CUDIC: and

    Now considering the track record of the current BC Liberal Government, how confident do you feel about the protection of your hard earned money?????

    1. Send any information to

  2. tik, tik, tik...

    That ticking you hear is the sound of a BC Liberal bomb set to explode the next time interest rates get some legs and rise up.

    page 33 of this .PDF -- (a source for the above Progressive Economics Forum report)
    shows how BC's debt has exploded on the BC Liberal's watch (and does not include ENRON type deferred accounts).

    The number that really needs watching, and government has no control over, is "Debt charges". Debt charges are currently benefiting from record low interest rates and will blow a hole in any future budget when they resume historic averages.

    tik, tik, tik...

  3. Who is the enabler, of cheap foreign employee's? Who is giving our resources and resource jobs away? Who is being given, the BC mining jobs? Who is hiring the $800 per month Chinese resource workers, at the tar sands and, our BC mines?

    I took my funds out of my own Bank, just in case. I didn't want to move my banking twice.

    Perhaps one day, we may get our country and our BC Province back. That is? If there is enough left, to get back?

  4. Hi Norm,

    Canadian right wing, neo con , whatever label fits govts. are no different to those of Thatcher, Reagan, both Bushes. All professed they were and are the only ones that can handle the economy, but in all cases hamstrung their respective economies and left massive debts for someone else to deal with, which the supporters of those parties past and present conveniently forget to mention. Then going on to begin the whole cycle again because enough folks believe what the t.v. tells them. Unfortunately the opposition parties do a poor job in conveying to people the hypocrisy of these bought and paid for parties.

  5. The "truth", a vague concept to the Neo-conservative elements in Canada. The propaganda tools currently in use, give us the only information "they" require us to hear. The corporate agenda's are the only agenda's while the taxpaying public is only to be satisfied with "crumbs." Pretty much says it all...

    It would appear that we have found an "answer" to getting government and corporate agenda's, changed in this country, especially highlighted in the current RBC outsourced employee mess...

    Use your money, not only as a financial tool, but as a political tool.

    If we can all "collectively" move capital, restrain capital, and prevent capital, from being used for other agenda's, perhaps we can begin to turn the Neo-"con"servative tide.

    In this (RBC)instance, thousands of people, and institutional customers, have spoken with their pocket books, even the "Harpertists" have done a complete 180 degree, on this and are looking at modifying the
    "foreign" (read, "outsourced") program.

    The question is how "deep" into Canada this program has been "infiltrated" into business, and what measures can the general public take, to make a "statement".

    If a business, does not want to use Canadian's as employee's, and uses "corrupt", outsourcing agencies,
    to "subvert" Canadian employment, and even immigration laws, while increasing profitability on the backs of workers, who pay fee's and live under a "cloud of fear", then get out of business.

    This is not the Canada us "grey hairs" remember, and most of us don't want anything to do with.

    This is one more nail in the Harper government's coffin...fools, do you think we are going to sit back and take this crap much longer?

    Our Country Canada, has been subverted by an ideological nightmare. A delusional group of politico's who think, we can be manipulated with our own money, and whose propaganda through the MSM, keeps us grossly misinformed and "blinded" to their true agenda....

    Those days are over. The people of this country, have to take back their democracy, their way of life,
    from a political ideology and its followers, whose whole aim, is the trashing of our laws, our environment and wealth, and turn it into a grotesque form of a society, based upon greed, corruption manipulation, and ripping off of the ordinary citizen....

    Start "talking" with your money... take back "our" Canada, from the corruption and malfeasance, that exists in all levels of government, in this country.




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