Friday, February 8, 2013

"This government has problems up the wazoo"

Two weeks before Sukh Dhaliwal was acclaimed BC Liberal candidate for Surrey-Panorama, he was served with six charges of tax evasion. Province columnist Mike Smyth wrote in November that the former Liberal MP was seen,
" a star candidate for Team Christy."
Now, the party is looking for a new star. But, if this truly was one of their exalted prospects, imagine the people at the other end of that spectrum. The Liberals, a dying party with a reputation for corruption and incompetence, are attracting almost no candidates of note. The almost certain prospect of defeat and ignominy guarantees that situation will continue as long as Christy Clark continues as leader. Instead, neophytes and cranky old folks like Darryl Plecas are stepping forward. Even candidate Plecas admitted,
"This government has problems up the wazoo,"
David Talks/The Berner Monologues offers the following in VIVE VITO!
"While a federal MP, [Dhaliwal] wrote a reference letter on official House of Commons stationary for convicted international drug smuggler Ranjit Singh Cheema. The letter was addressed to the California judge sentencing Cheema after he pleaded guilty to conspiring to import 200 kilograms of heroin. Cheema was gunned down in Vancouver last year shortly after getting out of prison.

"Dhaliwal will be a wonderful addition to the fun house in Victoria."
Megan O'Toole wrote in the National Post of June 2010 that Dhaliwal presented a petition asking Ottawa to formally recognize as "genocide" the 1984 wave of killings in India spurred by former prime minister Indira Gandhi's assassination. Her piece included this:
"Petitioners are also staging a memorial near Parliament Hill to honour thousands of Sikhs who died in the November 1984 violence, along with militants killed in the infamous Golden Temple attack months earlier.

"The timing of the petition, more closely aligned to the June Golden Temple assault and coming weeks before the 25th anniversary of the Air-India bombing, has some observers calling foul.

" 'They want to commemorate [Operation] Blue Star, the attack on the Golden Temple where a lot of terrorists were killed -- so basically the memorial is of the terrorists, not of the victims of November '84,' said Balraj Deol, a Punjabi journalist... 'This is a memorial through the back door.'

"In his letter, a copy of which was obtained by the National Post, Mr. Deol suggests elements in the Sikh separatist movement have exerted undue pressure on politicians to move their agenda forward..."
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  1. According to the Vancouver Sun:

    "Dhaliwal said he didn't know about the six charges, sworn on Oct. 15, until the end of November after he had already been named the candidate for Surrey-Panorama on Oct. 31, 2012."

    The Sun adds:

    Each count also says that Dhaliwal was "served personally" with a notice of requirement to file on Aug. 24, 2011.

    Either Sun reporter Kim Bolan is mistaken or Sukh Dhaliwal is mistaken.

  2. Astounding....the lawyer is going to take care of it...right?

    The old saying..."birds of a feather, flock together", says it all. The BC Liberals star candidate for Surrey and the Indo-Canadian community. I wonder how the average voter there, views this turn of events.

    It really makes you wonder......

  3. In my fantasy world, candidates for political office would be nominated on merit and ability alone, and Dhaliwal has none of that. If his nomination stands, this province is in far worse shape than I ever imagined. This stinks to high heaven, Norm.



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