Saturday, February 9, 2013

Job Openings - B.C. Liberal Party

The prospect of more than $100K in compensation, an extraordinary pension plan, living allowances, expenses and generous payments for special duties assigned by party leaders appear not enough to fill the slate of BC Liberal candidates, despite there being only three months until election time.

Times Colonist ace Rob Shaw writes that political watchers,
"wonder if the party is deliberately planning a late launch, having trouble recruiting candidates or merely disorganized."
I suspect a combination of reasons led by an incompetent election team finding it difficult to recruit candidates of any note.

Here are the unfilled places as of February 9. Most are faint hopes for the BC Christy Party.
  1. Alberni - Pacific Rim
  2. Burnaby - Deer Lake
  3. Burnaby - Edmonds
  4. Burnaby - Lougheed
  5. Coquitlam - Maillarville
  6. Juan de Fuca
  7. Kootenay West
  8. Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows
  9. Nanaimo
  10. Nanaimo - North Cowichan
  11. Nelson - Creston
  12. North Coast
  13. Port Coquitlam
  14. Saanich North and the Islands
  15. Saanich South
  16. Stikine
  17. Surrey - Fleetwood
  18. Surrey - Green Timbers
  19. Surrey - Panorama
  20. Surrey - Tynehead
  21. Surrey - Whalley
  22. Vancouver - False Creek
  23. Vancouver - Fraserview
  24. Vancouver - Hastings
  25. Vancouver - Kingsway
  26. Vancouver - Mount Pleasant
  27. Vancouver - Quilchena
  28. Vancouver - West End
  29. Victoria - Beacon Hill
  30. West Vancouver - Sea to Sky
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  1. The numbers are staggering but a mixed bag, as you say.Surrey Panorama was sorted until Sukh ran into a spot of bother.Within hours of his stepping aside,Bajwa,a failed mayorty candidate rushed in offering his service.This may take a bit to sort out. In Nov Anton and Wilkinson had a polite debate but no vote held as yet. Given this is a safe and very monied riding, they may want to save this until later to generate some "momentum" as they will for Coleman. Sullivan and Mayencourt have been campaigning like mad in False c
    Creek but I believe have not met for a debate.In the meantime, the NDP candidate, a film-maker, is hot on the campaign trail.
    What I want to know is how candidates put their names forward or are nominated for their candidacy for the Federal Senate. We are supposed to be electing them in May. No legislation in place but Bond promises it will be tabled this session. In the meantime, Elections BC has been given and is spending 1 million to pepare for an event that may or may not happen. Issues and controversy surround this body and are before the courts. What a zoo!



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