Saturday, February 9, 2013

CCBC's Jim Shepard is a forger


"the production of a spurious work that is claimed to be genuine."

The Claim

The Reality

We're a group of people hired to pose for a picture that (a company owned by the
infamous Carlyle Group) titles: "Large Group of Happy People Standing Together." The photographer
said we had to be touchy-feely and look very, very happy. Or, we wouldn't get paid.

We don't actually come from all parts of BC; nor do we love your province, or even know anything
about it. We're 23 people trying to make a buck from whoever licenses this photo. The same
picture can be used by insurance companies, toilet paper manufacturers or other advertisers
who want a group of mostly white folks pretending to be ordinary people.

* * * * * * *

H/T - Georgia Straight's Charlie Smith, Concerned Citizens for B.C. present a misleading image of themselves via @bobmackin

* * * * * * *

When the government changes in May, the boys at Wazuku, operatives behind the CCBC messaging, may find doors in Victoria firmly shut. That would disadvantage their "relationships and networks" (ie LOBBYING) business. However, this stock photo mistake, so easily revealed in the alternative press, suggests the business is on shaky ground anyway. Additionally, a fellow PR guy is suggesting that truth is a relative concept at Wazuku.

According to Bill Tieleman, in Concerned Citizens for BC leader Jim Shepard & $1 million anti-NDP campaign has BC Rail skeletons in closet, lots of unanswered questions:
"Wazuku staffer Kirsten Avison confirmed the consulting company was running the campaign for CC4BC leader Jim Shepard, the former Canfor and Finning CEO and former advisor to Premier Christy Clark.

But last week senior Wazuku partner Steve Kukucha emailed 24 Hours, claiming that CC4BC wasn't one of its projects.
'CC4BC is simply renting office space from Wazuku. I've passed this on to Jim via email though.....I hope this clarifies things,' Kukucha wrote me on Jan. 28.
"Yet a day after that, Avison sent out an email (see sidebar) to CC4BC supporters written by Shepard -- obtained by 24 Hours and The Tyee -- stating that:
'In the days ahead, we will be airing some very direct, but factual ads that will bring the contrast between the NDP and free enterprise into even sharper focus.' "
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  1. Thanks for this Norman. Every day we are experiencing the efforts of the bottom feeders in this province and it is slimey.


    Really? These clowns don't get it. We've had enough of them and their liberal pals.

    Go away once and for all.

  3. It must be difficult to find enough people willing to have their face supporting the most corrupt government in BC history.... unless of course you're under investigation.

    Guy in Victoria

  4. Pathetic...a manufactured reality. Shepard...a formal BC Rail director has a reason for doing what he is doing. The witness box and oath are don't want to put high profile people on the stand...especially under oath. That's the real reason behind basi_virks BC Rail deal.

    The way these people "bend" the truth to suit the moment, purgery is a distinct possibility, even if they don't intend too.

    The next 2 years in this province will be a defining period, in BC politics. We will all see the depth, corruption and deception that the worst government in the history of this province has committed.

  5. That photo is so phony it does belong, on a toilet paper package ad. Shepard reminded me of, fight the BC HST days. Citizens of BC, will never forget the dirty tactics used against them, by the BC Liberals. Shepard too is a phony, in the lowest form of the human species. Shepard also reminded me of Gordon Campbell, who indeed is the scum of the earth. Campbell twice lied and cheated, to win his elections too.

    Christy had every opportunity to clean up some of Campbell's thefts and corruption. Christy chose not to do so. Shepard is certainly in with the right Politicians. Shepard has no morals nor ethics either.

  6. Where are you coming from when you say"Christy had every opportunity to clean up some of Campbell's thefts and corruption. Christy chose not to do so".

    She was part of the criminal activities of the Campbell government and was kicked out( forced to resign) along with Gary "the ferret" Collins and Judith Reid for their Complicity in the BC Rail theft.
    So please do not even mention this douche has having or even thinking in moral terms.


  7. Jim Shepard is a low life, a cretin, devoid of morality and ethics. And those are his positive traits!

  8. The CCBC is nothing more than a Hail Mary to the Lunatic Fringe, the terminally out of touch (100 Huntley Street anyone?)and the folks who've been profiting off the backs of the citzens of this province for over a decade.

    The CCBC will end up being a minor footnote in the history of this province.

    Total utter foolishness.

  9. The issue with what CCBC is doing right now is quite simple and doesn't require commenters to describe Jim Shephard as "a low life, cretin, devoid or morality and ethics" because it adds nothing to the debate. The corporate community, through Shepherd, has its favoured government in power, one that does what the corporations want, and CCBC wants to make sure it remains so. Opponents of CCBC, of which I am one, need a concerted campaign to undermine their message which Norm is doing. CCBC skews information to serve its purpose and it's incumbenty on opponents to counter that message. Andrian Dix and his candidates need to step up their game because the start of the campaign is just over two months away. Sow the seed of doubt about the Liberals now and continue pummeling them so they are on the defensive.

    1. Good point. While we can delight in hypocrisy and irony, there is no need to pile on with personal insults. Shepard exposes himself to some insults because he's prepared to twist the truth about Adrian Dix. Therefore, he has no defence when people choose to slag him.

  10. In an email I sent Mr. Sheperd through the contact option on his CC4BC website I tried to point out the foolishness of the site and the biased to the corporate sector rather than the citizens of this province.
    Under the negatives of Adrian Dix he points out Mr. Dix's ambition to raise corporate taxes.
    I stated that only someone of his mindset could see it as negative and just the opposite would be true of the general public.
    After watching the Jas Johal interview with Mr. Shepard I realize my words to him were my folly.

    1. Mr Shepard needs to read the paper more often as well as keep in touch with the party policies he is promoting. if he goes out swinging against Dix and some tax hikes for businees, he will be shootng de
      Jong as well who has already stated he may well have to consider doing the same.Now that should be fun. Who is monitoring his messages?

  11. And what was with BCTV running that story on 3 separate occasions that I saw? Where is the balanced reporting. I meand Jim Shepard came out looking like a raging lunatic, but still...

  12. Anon. 7:59-Jas Johal works for Global TV, not BCTV.

    When Jim Shepard explained why he was forming CC4BC it was under the guise that the MSM wasn't reporting the good job Christy Clark was doing. I wonder when their ads will begin to reflect this, or is it that he hasn't found any such evidence so far?

  13. "Purgery" ?? That's funny and may be clever: a blend of purge as in regurgitate and perjury as in lying under oath in court - both sickening - could it ever come to that? And BTW why was Ol' Shep exited from first Finning and then Canfor? Did they do better or worse after he left? Is he carrying grudges?

    Also if you think media mania is bad now, imagine what it will be like when BCTV/Global launches its 24-hour news service! That was expected to happen before the election.

  14. Support for this uber style capitalism is taking us down to the lowest common denominator.
    Well done, soon we can fight over what stuff we can carry on ourselves is worth fighting for or not.

  15. I must admit I had a bit of a chuckle when I remembered "mostly white folk" when I landed on the Indo-Canadian Women's Association's home page and I was greeted with the happy people picture. There are multiple pictures on the home page and it will scroll by itself but it you want to speed it up there are large arrows to the left and right of the image.



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