Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain

Not surprisingly, Laila Yuile has a good piece. She demonstrates an example of obedient political loyalty within the corporate press. A Times Colonist editor, who might be competent on matters of genealogy, failed miserably in writing an apologia for Premier Clark. Ms. Yuile dissects the defence and leaves it in tiny pieces.

Alex Tsakumis earlier provided an unvarnished version of Clark's appearance on Radio Comox, Got MILF? Christy Clark Continually Degrades Women. The reach of Tsakumis' blog is so large that BC Liberals knew they had to act.

First, they pressured the owners of Comox Jet FM to remove streaming audio of the Christy Clark interview. Vista Radio, a unit owned by the Thomsons, Canada's richest family, took down the audio almost immediately, "out of respect."

Secondly, Liberals asked loyal owners of the mainstream media for help. Dave Obee, Sam Grippo's man in Victoria, obliged. Of course, Grippo and his companies are big Liberal contributors, hundreds of thousands worth, in fact.

Surprisingly, Postmedia allowed ace Province reporter Cassidy Olivier to ask,
"MILF or cougar: A premier shouldn’t have to choose, so why did she do so publicly on the radio?"
As a commentator fully rooted in the vast acreage of anti-BC Liberal sentiment, I paid attention to the l'affaire de Comox. However, I see it mostly as distraction from real issues.

While this blog is in its fourth year, I'm still surprised by what is revealed through detailed examination of the province's financial reports. I was amazed that BC Hydro could commit more than $55 billion — with more to be revealed when they are next forced to do so — to future energy purchase agreements, yet draw next to no analytical comment from professional journalists.

I'm surprised that, without media comment, mining companies could expand their production immensely, enjoy substantial commodity price rises — in the hundreds of percent — and yet contribute less, little or nothing, in fact, to the putative owners of the resources, we the people. I'm shocked that Vaughn Palmer would defend the government's refusal to recognize the liability of $702 million owed to gas producers for drilling credits. Yes, those are uncashed. unrecorded subsidies to the wealthy oil and gas industry, granted by the province that has been Canada's leader in child poverty.

While the Premier's illustration of her own true dullness in a Comox broadcast is fair game for commentators, it removes our attention from more important matters. Without doubt, Christy Clark was inserted into her position for convenience of people who actually manage the province. She had ambition to be popular but not to achieve or develop policies of substance. She was thought to be a perfect tool: attractive, glib, relatively thoughtless and fully complaisant.

The transparency of this appointment was so apparent that it failed. The fatuous Clark was not the right choice; she's merely confirmed to be Gordon Campbell's successor as licensor of the looters.
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  1. Licensor of the looters.

    I love the description but not the results.

  2. "However, I see it mostly as distraction from real issues."

    imho, the ONLY real issue atm for anybody who cares about this province is how do we get the liberal party of BC out of office.

    this story is a means to an end. allthough i read your blog daily and you are correct about all the issues you mention in this article as being extremely important, the average person has no taste for many of these subjects.

    how-ever, you give them a story about how the premeier is acting like a over-sexed welfare mom.... this they will want to here about.

    and hopefully they will think on election day.... what kind of person do i want in charge of billions of dollars that are supposed to take care of the people of BC..... a person who acts with composure and tact, or Christy Clark?


  3. Ironically, I think Obee's column gave this msm focus that previously had only been covered in the blogs. I was surprised at how strongly I reacted to Obee's column, how smarmy it seemed, and how if he was trying to help her it really wasn't hitting the mark.

  4. The Harper Franchises .. I've been studying specific political & environmental aspects of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and Canada since the last so called federal election. Yes.. I'm seeing Harper Franchises.. or Chapters.. provincial governments and parties as branch offices for elected federal looters, environmental criminals, ignorant fools, military adventurists and sanctimonious evangelical posturers.

    In 2013 I firmly believe we will see public revolt take hold, led by independent bloggers, exemplars like Chief Theresa Spence, Alexandra Morton, David Suzuki, mainstream journalists such as David Climenhaga, Michael Harris, Andrew Coyne, environmental advocates, educators and physicians and nurses, artists such as Rick Mercer, Franke James, scientists and biologists, lawyers such as the Council of Canadians or Clayton Ruby, superstar athletes, entertainers.. writers, film makers and public classrooms of children as well.

    I've been suggesting we need to 'Milk the Media' .. domesticate the mainstream media, feed it.. school it, milk it. After all, we're the customer/consumer of the product. We don't have to 'buy' it if its not good for us. Where will a mainstream media entity stand if its being boycotted successfully?

    We're also the electorate. The citizenry. Along with the land, the water, the air, the creatures and of course The First Nations.. We are Canada. A runaway deceitful federal government spawned from an ethically bankrupt political party needs to understand that first and foremost, it is comprised of public servants.. and as an entity it is a public service.. at the municipal level, provincial level, and federal level. We hire them, we can fire them, we can ask that they be brought to the court for trial if necessary.

    Somehow the primacy of this relationship, this public service .. has been degraded, eroded, tampered with and obstructed. This comes from deceit, ignorance, treachery, incompetence, greed, cronyism and at the highest federal levels.. ie Stephen Harper .. John Baird, Jason Kenney, Peter Mackay et al ..omnipotence. At the provincial level we see legislature 'closed' by Christy Clark, prorogued in Ontario. We see government defying our courts via law firms paid with tax payers money. We see outright defiance of superior courts and federal courts.

    We can and should 'hit the reset button' on flawed, irresponsible government and force the will of the people upon public servants. Canadians need to know if Stephen Harper, or provincial premiers such as Christy Clark intend to send RCMP or Canadian Forces or Provincial Police into the boreal, the Canadian Shield, the rain forest or the coasts to attack First Nations and those who stand with them defending our environment, our wildlife, our resources, fisheries and our treaties and democracy from foreign owned corporations.. and Canadian governments that do not answer to the electorate they serve.

    1. Very Pollyannish . Follow the lead of the Greek and Spanish people. TO THE BARRICADES!!!!!!

    The last two paragraphs are worthy of a Webster's Award!
    I'm gob-smacked.
    John's Aghast.

  6. Christy Clark is an in your face example of the worlds politicians not just BC's.
    To think that we have democracy is laughable .
    To think we are represented by those we vote for is equally stupid.
    Be it the "so called" Right Wing or Left wing the end result is the same.
    As Christy struggles her final months to MILFdom
    I am sure her handlers will be choosing a successor.

  7. Dear Norm. The Media is Against You and All.

    The Truth, as We know it, as They KNOW It is a joke.

    Continue on. There is Truth.

  8. I regard your blog as a "must read" every day, more so than skimming through the E edition of the Sun and province. There are 6 blogs I refer too each day and at least 20 I read through out the week.

    The mainstream media can be no longer regarded as independent or honest, as they have prostituted themselves to politicians and major corporations. As the mainstream media has become nothing more than a propaganda source to whoever buys advertising.

    The "Top Dog" radio '98, used to be the epitome of a top rated news machine, where skilled reporters were on the forefront reporting major scandal and corruption, now it is the whimpering dog station, with the likes of Bill Boring and a cast of equally boring shills, masquerading as commentators, greasing the news to suit what CORUS wants.

    With the likes of Palmer, Baldry, (BS) Bula and a host of other legends in their own mind, the news is contorted to such a degree, that it becomes unnews.

    The "Eye" knows more about Jack Webster and his ethos, than most and I can safely say, that he is spinning in his grave with how BC's once mighty news machine has been turned into a lick-spittles and fish wrap.

  9. MSM can't compete anymore; so abandoned by readers who want to think, it has largely retired from the field of intelligent discourse and become overtly propagandist, as much as, and as useful as propaganda ever was. Too bad so many journalists, some of whom I used to admire, have accompanied MSM's descent into this calcified estate still strong enough to erect its pay-wall fortresses but too weak to do without them. As for journalistic integrity, well...if any of them feel a bit silly having to wear the emblazoned tabards of their once respectable mastheads, they hardly show it in their writing. Thing is, unlike goofy but secret Masonic regalia, everyone can see it.

    I'm pretty sure Christy got herself into the MILF thing in her usual way, that is, as her BC Liberal leadership rival Kevin Falcon described: "Ready, Fire,...Aim." Nevertheless, as a diversion from her government's despicable record and venal retreat, it works well enough. Senator Mike Duffy's proposal to amalgamate the Atlantic provinces exemplifies the same kind of diversionary tactic on the federal level; not as salacious, perhaps, but to the same purpose: distract attention away from Harper's despicable record that can't otherwise be hidden. It was reported enthusiastically until the trail of wild goose feathers gave it away (don't worry; like the equally moot Senate reform, it'll be deployed again at some point.)

    MSM also volunteered its propaganda services in Attawapiskat: fomented by Harper's Conservative government, it folded in TV coverage of poverty with stats liberally supplied by the Ministry of Indian Affairs (or whatever they call it now), salted with all too common racism to bake a perfect propaganda pie which, in my view, was intended to characterize First Nations as incapable of managing their own affairs and (thereby) to discount all FN claims out of hand in preparation for the donnybrook brewing with BC FNs over the Northern Gateway pipeline. When it turned out the government's "mismanagement" accusation, and the imposition of a Conservative appointed, "third-party" manager were unfounded, Harper instead fomented the Idle No More movement which is growing across the country right at this very moment, pipeline no closer.

    But isn't that just like propaganda? If it's exposed as untrue, the perp first loses credibility, then influence. BC's "once mighty news machine" is now mighty within its own walls and is about to be passed by.

  10. This is totally unacceptable in a modern democracy, "if" there is such a thing, anymore. I believe the "Idle no More" movement is the tip of the iceberg, and will morph into a full blown "populist" movement, to remove the corruption and malfeasance from not only this province but the country, as a whole. Quebec style, "Anti-corruption commissions" must become the norm, not the exception in this country. Integrity and accountablity must become the minimum acceptable standard, for politicians and governments. Kleptocracy and "psuedo" politics, must no longer be tolerated. Remove the lobbyist "problem" and political donations, from the system. Any form of "funding" of political parties must be "totally" transparent, and be done, "only" under specific rules.

    The "nonsense" we see in this country, at the moment is nothing short of political subversion. Shutting the "peoples house" and "perouging parlaiment", is an affront to the democratic will of the people. Who the hell do they think they are! Without discussion, debate or the opportunity of the opposition, to confront the party in power, you might as well be living in a dictatorship. The whole process is flawed. Time to clean house and to take back our democracy!

    Sooner or later we all have to take a stand. Enough already.



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