Monday, November 5, 2012

Take from the poor, give to the rich

Further to my comments about homeowners subsidizing industrial power, here is an extract from the blog of Vancouver lawyer Jim Quail, Site C and the Kitimat LNG Export Terminal: Christy Clark’s Program for Income Redistribution:
"...Hydro would sell that much power to one corporate mega-project, at industrial tariff rates of around $35 per megawatt hour. That same power would cost Hydro at least $80 per MWh, assuming they built one-and-a-half Site C dams for that purpose, or around $129 per MWh if they bought it from Independent Power Producers. So we’d pay for Site C, through our Hydro bills, to sell the electricity it produces for less than half what it cost us.

"And who would pick up that loss?

"You and I would directly subsidize the massive export of BC shale gas, for the purpose of generating colossal profits for the corporations who would operate the plants.

"And you want to know why BC Hydro rates for household electricity are on a course to double in about 9 years. . . . It’s because your Hydro bill has become an instrument of wealth redistribution – upward wealth redistribution – on a massive scale..."

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  1. Intensive advertising is needed by the Liberals and industrialists to convince ordinary people to vote against their own interests.

    A beautiful system isn't it. They even force us to pay for the advertising that promotes programs designed to screw us.

  2. A scam from the get go. Is it an upcoming election or another attempt at deceit and malfeasance. It has become apparent, that the BC libs are nothing more than a subsidiary of the wealthy and manipulative upper class, in this province. We need a more informed electorate, who are prepared as a group, to file class action, after class action in the courts, to prevent this type of subversive economic behavior, from continuing. Laws are supposed to work for all, not an exclusive few. If our system is broken...fix it! Orders in council must be used by the NDP, once elected in order to stop all deals, and even recover funds that have been squandered, by this current BC Liberal regime.



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