Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surette uses the F word

The conservative conscience is in turmoil, Ralph Surette, Halifax Chronicle Herald, June 23, 2012
"Are you among those baffled and alarmed by what’s going on with the Harper government — wild slashes to public services, every-thing connected to democratic process trashed, a bully-boy attitude that is soiling Canada’s international reputation, the attack on everything environmental, even the destruction of public records, all delivered in a dictatorial and malicious spirit?

"You have company. Among the growing numbers of your friends are conservatives — real ones — realizing that Stephen Harper is not one of them, but rather a right-wing radical, maybe worse, out to conserve nothing. As some ex-Tory politicians, federal and provincial, stood up to oppose the manipulative omnibus budget bill, the PC Party of Canada declared the Harper party “corporatist” — essentially rule by and for corporations...

Keep in mind that one of the dirty words for “corporatist” is “fascist.” Is that over the top? When I watch a guy like Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, who acts as though he’d be comfortable as minister of Internal Security for most dictatorships on Earth, I wonder..."
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  1. I would agree with that assessment.

  2. Harper is like the pocket of Big Oil, morally and ethically corrupt, and will cheat at any cost to win.

  3. I'm not especially baffled and alarmed by what's going on with the Harper Government. All the signs were there of what we might expect if they ever got a majority - the proroguing, etc. No, what baffles and alarms me is that Canadians are permitting it.

  4. Harper was Policy Chief of his, Northern Foundation Party from 1989. They said, skinheads assisted to organize that party. That Harper is linked with Nazi Intellectuals and Christian Fundamentalists.

    Harper certainly fits the profile, of a dictator. Harper too, is obsessed by control, just as Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were. Controlling the media, is absolutely first. Then they grab control of everything they can get their hands on.

    I posted about this months and months ago. I was literally attacked. During Hitler's "early" political days, you can substitute Hitler's name with Harper's. All dictators have a set pattern, the same typo personalities. And, all of them treat their people, like pieces of garbage. Another Common Wealth country's media wrote. How badly Harper is destroying Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Our Human Rights are vanishing.

    If I'm wrong? Convince me.

  5. Harper the head alpha attack dog in parliament is also the chief bully. All the other con dogs showed their skills in leader worship and protection, they lie the use foul language and they cheat, they are basically mocking us as a people. I don't get it but then they voted to make us work till 67 before being eligible for CPP, while they are eligible after 0nly serving 6 years?

    1. The record since the last election was called speaks for itself. Start with the efforts to corrupt free choice of voters. Add the perversion of parliamentary process in the recent "budget" bill.

      Typical example: News item: Standing behind a podium featuring the statement, 'Enhancing trust in the RCMP,' Parliamentary Secretary Candice Hoeppner says the public safety ministry has given Commissioner Bob Paulson the power to quickly dismiss officers who break the law.

      Except they have not. It's announced but not done.

      What they have done is ensure the RCMP doesn't do anything without approval of political masters who Harper has inserted into police headquarters.

    2. Norm,

      I may have posted this in the wrong spot on your blog but here it is again:

      "Mr. Farrel,

      Need to know about corporate global governance:


      And here:

      Now the provincial lib's and the federal con's are transparent in their globe trotting ways. They are probably being told they will retire filthy rich as long as they sign on."

      Now it is making sense to me all the secrecy, public lying, distaste for law and basic snobbery toward the citizens, they are bought and paid for and have a new corporate master. This new corporate master is the Alpha dog our government is subservient to it and we............?

      Time to grab the pitch forks and march on Victoria, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and meet our eastern Canadians neighbors in Ottawa who will come from St. Johns, Charlottetown, Halifax, Fredericton and Quebec.

  6. One of the wizards (or is that lizards?) on Question Period (The CTV version) thought Viki "Nosey" Toes might be jettisoned to the bench and to keep the Bison Province in Cabinet (so it doesn't seem like a Calgary City Council meeting) Candice Hoeppner was suggested to replace him as head of internal surveillance! What a bunch of clowns, they think Bev Oda is a "good" person, unfairly treated - I guess forgery, lying and entitlement are the marks of superior character, and they gave the impression that Lisa "you can't strike" Raitt and Jason "brown people scare me" Kenny should be candidates for sainthood. At least I won't have to watch their drivel next week as this was their last show of the season.

    With the PsuedoCons approval tanking, will Harper survive the summer without his cheerleaders on TeeVee every week?



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