Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey, Bill Good

Good job.

You won't find much here that is complimentary about a broadcaster whose work I once respected.

But, he deserves credit for working Canada's Coast Guard story on the west coast, nailing the Conservative government for stupidity, disrespect and callous disregard for public safety. This government keeps chauffeured limousines running for their ministers but shuts down the vessels that save lives of "less important" citizens.

Bill Good's coverage on this subject is mostly no-holds-barred, take no prisoners work. He can still do it; when he has the will.

Too bad he feels so constrained when it comes to reporting or commenting on his friend Premier Photo-Op, BC Liberals and BC Hydro.
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  1. "Too bad he feels so constrained when it comes to reporting or commenting on the BC LIberals and BC Hydro"

    I'll say....especially considering he lives on he Sunshine Coast and does not appear to grasp the folly of draining high alpine lakes and industrializing Narrows Inlet....all for the profit of a few corporate IPP investors.

  2. Doesn't much affect folks who sit in million dollar Sunshine Coast "cottages" sipping Oregon's best Pinot Noir as they aim their 18x50 image-stabilized all-weather binoculars at the marine craft that pass through the view from the all-weather deck. Ahh, life in the wilderness.

  3. Straight from the "all weather deck" to the "all weather" glass walled newsroom studio....never to get rained on, but more importantly never to let the sun (or news) shine in either.

    Maybe the newsroom isn't "all-weather"....no need, the skies are pretty friendly there.

  4. Good only has the will when it suits his purpose. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, were given excellent air time by Good on CKNW. Campbell and Boessenkool out and out work for Harper. So does Christy and the rest of the, so called BC Liberals. Boessenkool and Christy are selling off, what is left of BC's valuable Real Estate. Bill Good is a dollar short and a day late.

  5. BC's real estate holdings and LCBDB are probably the reason (allege I) the (not) premier didn't call the election she promised. The greedy bunch from down town got to her as there was still too much 'loot' to loot. (Allege I)


  6. NW's ratings are falling faster than Premier photo-op's and a little Fed bashing is in order to prop up the almost "dead-dog"98. Herr Harper has given NW and Good the perfect opportunity to get higher rating numbers, but the problem is, how many have turned off the radio for good?

  7. Who's Bill Good?

  8. And to think, she asked for her old job back.....hmmm. Guess when your on the way out, you go slinking back from where you came, hoping that all will be forgiven, and that life in "La La land" will continue. NOT!

    Think she'll be welcomed by Bill and the rest of the crew, with open arms? Maybe, but I don't think it will be what she really wants.

    Besides ex-Premier photo-op will need, video now. Vocal air time is just so....passe.

    What a joke. CKNW third in the local ratings and falling fast. Christy...falling even faster.

  9. The worst part is that since coming to NW Simi is getting to be as boring as as Bill.Her interview with Mike Macdonald was pitiful. One of her worst. June 6th at 2:15.

  10. I agree. Simi's shows are weak and not very engaging. The only host worth listening to is Mike Smyth when he is sitting in for BG. At least he has the balls to ask tough the questions. CKNW has nothing left. They are done.

  11. Norm: are you taking a break too? It's been a tough week, not getting new goods from you and Alex.

    All the best,




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