Friday, May 11, 2012

Hypocrisy revealed

Federal Conservatives complain that environmental charities use money from outside Canada to campaign for effective regulation of energy industries. Contradicting the rhetoric, CRA records show that environmental groups are not the leading recipients of foreign sourced funding. Tories have been silent about the biggest recipients of alien contributions.

However, egregious political hypocrisy is truly revealed by evidence that most profits from tar sands exploitation flow to foreign corporations. From Brendan DeMelle of

Tar Sands Oil Companies 71 Percent Foreign-Owned - Cue Ezra Levant's Outrage, May 10, 2012
"Publicly traded oil companies with active tar sands operations have a very high level of foreign ownership – 71 per cent.

"Some supposedly "Canadian" oil companies including Suncor, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Imperial Oil and Husky are predominantly owned by foreign interests. More than half of Canada’s oil and gas revenue goes to companies under foreign control..."
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  1. Welcome to Chinada.

  2. The CON talking point says that according to Statistics Canada, the total foreign ownership is at 35%. Saw it today on Power & Politics.

    That is a big discrepancy.

    1. They do that by counting company's like Husky Energy as Canadian. However, it is controlled by the Li Family of Hong Kong.

  3. Why would they complain about effective regulation of energy industries?

    Something that's obviously not going on here:

    1. Thanks Hugh. That Van Sun article is linked in the article that precedes this one titled "Kleptocracy - rule by thieves"



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