Friday, May 18, 2012

From Doug Pyper

Hi Friends,

I just sent a message to Premier Christy Clark recommending that the Government of British Columbia inform the Government of Canada that the province is now exercising its right, with 30 days notice, to subject the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project to an environmental assessment under the terms of the provincial Environmental Assessment Act.

Can you join me and send Premier Clark a message too?

Save our beautiful province and our pristine coastline from the devastation of oil spills...similar to the ruin of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico recently.

Thousands of jobs in our fisheries, eco-tourism and related industries are at risk!

The Enbridge pipeline project will provide less than 100 full time jobs for British Columbians. That's the truth...plain and simple!

The current Liberal Government is taking no stance on protecting our rights, our province and our future.

Click here to take action:

Thank you!
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  1. Happy to oblige Norm.

    What do you think of, Etoboke Center Election, declared null and void? Would you be kind enough to explain, for a political challenged someone like me?

    1. the court determination finds that too many clerical mistakes were made in conducting the vote so it must be redone. This might expand the worries about conduct of the 2011 election but it doesn't resolve the claims of misconduct by the CPC and their efforts to suppress votes of citizens likely to support candidates other than Conservatives.

      In the Ontario case, the plaintiff who overturned the vote result argued that Elections Canada had acted in a partisan way. Historically, at least for the last 90 years or so, Canadian election officials were supposed to be non-partisans, although most owed their positions to the incumbent government.

      For me, this Ontario case heightens concern that the last federal election was badly flawed. Other aspects of the Harper Government suggests that those election concerns are warranted and may be the tip of an iceberg.

  2. Wow...thanks for posting this Norman!

    Should substantially up the letter count to our Ms. Premier from your numerous thoughtful readers.

  3. Thanks for the answer.

    I suppose Harper will appeal the judges ruling. Harper is also trying to quash the robo-call investigation. I have lost count of all the law suits against him.

  4. Where are the robocall election's being called null and void. This would seem to be a far greater problem. I am hoping to see some, by elections declared in the robocall ridings as well.

    As for the letter to the BC Premier...did you ask her for her government to resign, as well?

  5. It's difficult to see an advantage in having a B.C. Environmental Review, to date they are less likely to halt a project for environmental risks than even the Harperites. In Kaslo during the big meeting about Glacier/Howser Axor, the committee members were unable to name a single project for which they had refused permission - not a single one! Fish Lake being turned into a tailings pond for the Prosperity Mine was super fine with the Campbelloids, and was only halted in it's tracks by the Feds. Of course Prentice (now moved on to business) was the Minister dealing with the issue, not Peter "the useless talking head" Kent and the Psuedo-Cons didn't have their 39% majority. I imagine sustained and serious resistance is the only way to stop the Enbridge travesty from befouling our province and our coast.



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