Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chapter from Heller's Catch-22 ?

A comment that speaks for itself from the article Kleptocracy - rule by thieves:
"I installed a 10 kW wind turbine on my Okanagan property 3 years ago, buying into the BC government's Live Smart/Green program. Imagine my surprise--as an independent power producer--when I was ineligible for the B.C. "incentive" because the B.C. program was limited to a maximum 3 kW turbine. Yet nowhere on their snazzy website was a maximum size listed; even employees at Live Smart didn't know about it when I phoned to complain.

"That's not the end of it. Turns out my 10 kW turbine was also ineligible for the Federal Eco-Energy Retrofit...are you sitting down?....because annually, seems I didn't USE enough electricity to qualify.

"Then a year later, to add salt to the wound, received a call from a member of CANWEA, the Canadian Wind Energy Association, offering that I could join for $300 bucks a year. I declined, stating that CANWEA was part of the problem. How so? he asked. So I told him: "Your group's members sat on both the provincial and federal committees that helped governments set not only the rates, but also who would qualify. So, thanks a pantload for excluding the 'big little' guys like me."

"Yet people today see my 10 kW spinning merrily in the breeze and ask if I am also overpaid as an Independent Power Producer. I tell them the truth: the buggers credit me EXACTLY the same kiloWatt per hour rate as they charge me to use electricity. No more!

"So not all IPPs are sucking at the public trough."
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  1. Yes. Instead of forcing so called smart meters, support some self reliant generation for those that wish to. Or is the high rate paid for IPP generation only for paid up liberal party donators?

  2. I read Catch-22 when I was 12 and thought it was funny. As I grew to know the world a little better (beyond the fascination with the B-25 on the cover of the book), I came to think of it as a revealing allegory. I don't know what Heller saw, but it now appears as though it is as true an account of how our society works as anyone has written. It's as though we're living in a simulacrum of Murphy's Law, but an instance where there is a malevolent presence pulling the puppet master's strings. Is Dick Cheney back there somewhere?



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