Friday, March 23, 2012

Premier Photo Op is a compulsive liar

Alex Tsakumis has reported that Clark and her backers orchestrated a virtual coup d'état, seizing control of the BC Liberal Party, sabotaging the leadership contest with phantom voters. AGT also revealed her lies about the relationship with a would-be political assassin and Tsakumis reports this week that she was "a person of interest" — known to be leaking confidential information to unscrupulous friends — in the RCMP's investigation of the corrupt BC Rail sale, until police management shut down examination of senior BC Liberals.

Premier Photo-Op long ago went beyond stretching the truth and exaggerating. She grew accustomed to wilful and conscious lying and now relies on a continuous stream of falsehoods to promote herself and the government she leads. The corporate media assists by ignoring fabrications, even when they are readily apparent. Today, another example:

Premier Christy Clark calls for an audit of TransLink over Evergreen Line, Mike Raptis, The Province, March 22, 2012
"Premier Christy Clark is calling for an audit to TransLink to make up the funding gap needed to build the Evergreen Line.

"Clark, in Port Moody to support Liberal candidate Dennis Marsden in his bid for the upcoming April byelection, said Thursday that TransLink — a billion-dollar organization — will need to tighten its belt if it wants the long-awaited SkyTrain line built.

“There’s still a funding gap for the Evergreen Line — $30 million — and we’re going to find that through an audit to TransLink,” Clark said to a partisan round of applause. “TransLink is a billion-dollar organization. We’re not going to find it through a vehicle levy, or other sources,” she said. “There are savings to be found...”
First elected to public office more than 15 years ago, Clark knows full well that public organizations such as TransLink are required by statute to hire qualified independent auditors and that provincial law requires publication each year of the auditor's report and audited financial statements.

Translink's auditor is KPMG, one of the largest professional services networks. With almost 150,000 staff, this is one of the world's Big Four auditors.

Seeking a political advantage, Premier Photo Op blithely ignores fact and British Columbia's corporate media obediently reports her deceptive remarks without the easily determined truth. If Province reporter Mike Raptis needs help to locate the existing audit reports, I provide THIS LINK.

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  1. According to CTV " B.C. Premier Christy Clark's claim that the long-awaited Evergreen rapid transit line is facing a $30-million shortfall was a "slip of the tongue," according to her communications director."
    Christy seems to do this a lot. It's her way of confusing taxpayers and she hopes that when she's caught lying they will forget what she originally said.
    You're right about KPMG..... I only hope that when Christy finds the $30 million she also fires KPMG for it's incompetence. (LOL)

    Guy in Victoria

  2. What is needed is a value for money audit, to be done by BCs Auditor General, not a KPMG audit to see if TransLinks numbers add up.

    SkyTrain is the reason TransLink is in financial chaos and KPMG has never stated this, a value for money audit would, just like in every city that has considered SkyTrain for rapid transit.

  3. Maybe Christy should get Charles Rivers to audit Translink, they will come up with whatever results you want.

  4. "Police management" shutting down the "examination" of senior BC officials? This is pretty serious stuff. The newly appointed commissioner, really has to look into this "overt political interference". In a democracy, the use of a security service, to prevent the investigation of "alledged" criminal activity, within a serving government, is grave cause for concern for citizens, the judiciary and more senior levels of government. The "constitutionality" of this type of interference is extremely questionable.

    While the RCMP have had their issues of late, most members of the force respect the laws and citizens they serve.

    One would hope that federal government officials and senior members of the local and national judiciary will become involved in identifying the individuals responsible,and opening up an ivestigation into what can only be described as
    something you would find in a third world type, of political environment.

  5. This is surreal! It's absolutely bizarre to me in this day and age that we have fallen so far and that life goes on without greater public outrage. Premier Clark's opinion on a 'nasty' NHL elbow is front page 'news' as Clark continues her own nasty elbow shots at all of us through public education, health care, criminal justice, seniors, homeless, HST, BC Hydro, BC Place, and BC Rail mismanagement and blunders. Whether it's The Lorax, The Hunger Games, The Grapes of Wrath, A Christmas Carol, or any twisted plot you could imagine, it's all alive and well in BC under Clark/Campbell and the neoliberals.

  6. There is no punishment in Canada, for corrupt and thieving politicians. In Britain politicians are not permitted to lie, thieve and cheat their citizens. They go to prison. Even two Lords from the House of Lords, were jailed for corruption and theft. In Canada, Harper rewarded Gordon Campbell, the post of High Commissioner to England. Campbell has the dirtiest, most corrupt and foul political record, in Canadian history. Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, was the sleaziest crime, ever known in this Nation.

    The trial of the theft and sale of the BCR, was a total farce. It doesn't matter what service in BC, they are all corrupt, and it's all acceptable.

    All the politicians and the elite need in BC, is a "special" prosecutor, to get away with their crimes, DUI's and all.

    Canada has become a cesspool of corruption. I have not a lick of use for Harper. He is not the choirboy, he would have us believe.

  7. Call an election...lets remove these clowns as soon as possible. You could probably fill an entire tier, at Aggazzi Prison with these idiots. Whats worse...Neolibralism, Totalitarianism or the Mafia, seems they are all represented, in the the way this province has been governed over the past 10 years. What happened to Canada? To BC for that matter.

  8. Christy Clark has been playing fast and loose with the truth from the get go, making promises and then breaking them the instant she can get away with it, taking credit where none is due and defending bald-faced lies even after the jig is up. Her well known shoot-from-the-lip, emphatic, aggressive and supremely self confident style ( or, as leadership rival Kevin Falcon described it, "Ready, Fire,.....Aim.") has probably gotten her into a sticky wicket as many times as her more calculated mendacities; but it is her brash and defiant tenacity of obviously thoughtless, reactionary boners that characterizes her most. It is curious, therefore, when she doesn't display her usual foolhardy bravery like her conspicuously reticent approach to by-elections precipitated by two caucus resignations, something she's put off until compelled to running them concurrently.

    It seems that Christy was hoping the teacher's strike would give her an effective wedge and is now doubly disappointed that hasn't happened, and probably more so at the unfortunate corner she's painted herself into by waiting to call two by-elections at once, unwittingly inviting the observation that two by-elections equals a bye-bye election for her and her disgraced government.

    1. Smart comment. The Falcon quote says much.

      "Ready, Fire,.....Aim."



  9. Personaly, I like "mendacities"



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