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No more reprehensible MP than this guy

Note: April 12, 2014, incumbent Conservative MP Rob Anders was denied renomination in the federal riding of Calgary-Signal Hill. The following was published here in 2012 and is worth repeating once again. Until now, this MP proved that loyalty overcomes stupidity in Stephen Harper's world. 

According to the National Post, Anders satisfies satisfied party bosses, even though his Calgary constituency wants wanted him replaced:
"Rob Anders has done it again. An MP widely considered invisible at best, and horrible at worst, has been saved from local rejection after party headquarters denied his own riding directors the chance to shop for a better Conservative candidate.

"For reasons the national office will not explain, the Conservatives have thrown blanket protection over the Calgary West MP to enforce his apparently unalienable right to carry their banner into the next election..."
* * * * *

Veterans called NDP hacks, Jeff Davis, Postmedia News
"OTTAWA — Calgary MP Rob Anders — who embarrassed himself by falling asleep in the Veterans Affairs committee last week — offered an apology to veterans in the House of Commons Tuesday.

 "...After nodding off in a committee meeting held in Halifax, Anders denied falling asleep. He later went on the offensive, describing two Afghan war veterans, who volunteer their time to help homeless former soldiers, as "NDP hacks" and supporters of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

"Anders apologized for his comments about veterans advocates Jim Lowther and David MacLeod, both of whom are card-carrying Conservatives."
I wonder if Rob Anders believes the people pictured below were also "NDP hacks."

Canada's Fallen Veterans - Afghanistan

The following was reported in my February 2 article Uncomfortable Parallels:
"After Rob Anders called Nelson Mandela "a communist and terrorist," Harper said the Calgary MP was a true conservative and faithful supporter."
.* * * * * 
Don Braid, Anders a political crank who deserved to go down, Calgary Herald, April 13, 2014
"Anders will now spend the rest of his term in Ottawa as the lamest of ducks. Which does not mean he’ll stop quacking. There’s remains a chance he could be nominated in another riding..."
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  1. A complete and utter idiot...a"true conservative", eh....

  2. Well, I guess Anders would have to be a true Conservative. Who other than the Conservatives would ever disrespect our Veterans in that manner? Believe you me. I would tell every young member, to get the hell out of the military. If they are maimed for life, they get no pension, but a very inadequate buy-out. Harper has a damned gall, to expect anyone to go to war and fight for him.

    Our young Canadian boys were blown to bits, to keep such as Harper from governing our country. Quite frankly, Harper is not worth their dying for, then and now.

    I don't know what else it could possibly take, to rid this country of a monster such as Harper. Election fraud, theft of our tax dollars, dirty tactics, lies, deceit...What???

  3. You know Norm, sometimes I just believe it would be better if ALL MP's and Senate Members dozed off.............

    Gary L.

    1. And leave senior bureaucrats to run things? OMG. We couldn't afford it.

      I am more and more attracted though to the Athenian boule of ancient Greece. Members of the boule were selected by lot and served for one year. No person could serve more than twice in his life. Leaders of the boule (the prytany) consisted of 50 chosen from among the 500, and a new prytany was chosen every month. The person in charge of prytany was replaced every day from among the 50 members.

      Such a system would result in people like Anders finding a suitable profession. Like burger flipping.


  4. "You won't recognize Canada when I get through with it." ~Stephen Harper

    We can't say he didn't warn us...yet no one believed him. Bet they will next time around...

  5. Hi Norm,

    as a gesture of goodwill, mr. anders should spend his next extended break from the house with the military on a fact finding tour of basic training. I'm sure he would find the experience most enlightning, and the NDP hacks and instuctors would be only too happy to see him.

    That is about as civil as I can get under the circumstances, as I'm running out of language suitable to be used publicly in describing our provincial and federal govts.

  6. In Afghanistan the poppies still grow,

    Above the corpses, row on row.

  7. Hello Norman. I totally agree with all sentiments here and posted in comments. It is just too bad this man's photo had to appear on the same page as the fallen soldiers. He is a disgrace. He has yet to reply to my email. The man comes across as an egotistical and narcissistic politician who feels he is sort of, shall I say "special" because he holds elected office. The best thing is for the riding is to turf him. Maybe he could sleep on his faux pas.

    1. As far as I've seen, federal Conservative MPs do not answer their e-mail. An office hack responds that the letter has been passed on to the MP (AKA "The Shredder.")

    2. That's certainly been my experience as well. I'm probably on some sort of "list" now to boot.

    3. The Conservative Party uses a "Constituent Information Management System" and labels each correspondent a friend, a prospective friend or otherwise. The result is that at least a third of voters are ignored as unworthy of attention.

      My MP, Andrew Saxton, has me in the non-friend category so I get zero response to any message I might send his way.

    4. Norm, I remember years ago when here in my riding we had a Conservative (not a Canadian Radical Taliban Harperite) named Bob Brisco. This is usually an NDP zone, provincially and federally, though they are trying to gerrymander NDP MP Alex Atamenko's riding into the ether as I type - by sticking some NDP clusters to the west and east hoping to concentrate the Con votes and split our NDP majority into two or three Okanagan and red neck East Kootenay ridings - Texas style imported by the HarperGovernment(tm).

      Anyway back in that day of PROGRESSIVE Conservatives, even though Mr. Brisco knew I would never vote for his party, he bent over backwards to assist me as a constituent and my problem was addressed and solved (we had a Liberal Government in Ottawa at the time).

      Boy for Rob Anders to be "the Most Reprehensible of All," in this CockUs of Reprehensibility squared is a real accomplishment. Don't forget this CockUs also includes the likes of Creosote Dean del Maestro, empty head Peter Kent, questionable cop Julie Fantino, boy toy Peter MacKay, Frothing at the Mouth John Baird and the Minister of Gazebos - to just scratch the surface.

      Hope you've got your house all closed in, it is getting a little chillier by the week now....

  8. Hi Norm,
    Maybe I'm getting old and studied at the old school but I am disgusted that this peice of crap still has a job and a paycheck. an apology from the likes of him borders on insult!
    There is really a glaring statement to all canadians about how much this bunch cares about those who fight for our freedom.
    I should never have to see his face again nor should any canadian.

  9. History plays strange jokes on people and societies that think they are superior, that in very short order, those very same people become dangerous jokes - frauds.

    Herr Harper and his pathetic lot, have seized control and now it is up to good men and women to defeat this cancerous lot, just like 1939!

  10. Hear! Hear! Great comment EE.

  11. Anonymous @ 10:03 yesterday stated that the best thing is for the riding to turf him. The CON party riding association tried that, but Dear Leader would not allow it.

    1. The party riding association should revolt and support an independent candidate.

  12. A graduate of Ryerson by any chance?

  13. "The best thing is for the riding is to turf him. Maybe he could sleep on his faux pas."

    He's a Reformatory from Calgary, home of our Petro-Sheik Harper, he has a sinicure for life.

    Really Anders, Harper, Flanagan, McKay and the rest of the PsuedoCon ChickenHawks should all be sent to Afghanistan and be assigned to be patrol on point and human sappers who search for IEDs by simply stomping around at the head of the "real" soldiers!

  14. What an appallingly ignorant comment by a so called fedral minster! I happened to attend the funerals of two of these brave young people, there is nothing to describe the loss that these young men meant to their families
    I'm speechless as to just how low these so called elected officials can act out and as for the picture you put up of our casulaties thank you for putting a human face (faces) on this story I for one wont forget nor diminish their memories but every day thank them for service to our country
    I was so mad when I read this posting I only hope my response here has made sense

  15. Here is another news flash about this MP.

  16. Norm, all parites use some kind of voter tracking system. Saxton's office does not have CIMS, as it is not a political party office. Only the riding president and membership secretary has access to it. Rob Anders did not seek "re-nomination", he sought nomination in a new riding that takes in part of his old one. Since it is a new riding, he was being a nomination contestant. It is not all bad for MPs to be exposed to nomination, what is bad is any party that prevents a nomination contest from taking place. You can easily go to Saxton's office

    Anders has been bounced. He'll have to find another riding to run in nearby which will be difficult because once you lose one nomination, it's very difficult to win another one in another riding where you have no interest in.

    1. Semantics. Before the last election, he was nominated in a NW Calgary riding. He tried to be nominated again (one might say re-nominated) in a NW Calgary riding that had boundaries shifted slightly from his old one. Redistribution gave Calgary more seats for the next election.

      Rob Anders' difficulties have more to do with widespread disregard for his performance as an MP than boundary shifting. Despite that, senior Conservatives like Jason Kenney worked on his behalf, as they have done before. So what's next; Senator Anders? At least he can sleep undisturbed there as he's done during his activity as an MP.

  17. Does Anders go to the same hairdresser as Poilievre ?



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