Monday, January 9, 2012

Enbridge's empty promises

The Michigan Messenger, Enbridge denies responsibility for oil spill
"Despite public promises to compensate residents for losses associated with the summer oil spill, in Calhoun county court Enbridge is arguing that it is not legally liable for damages from the spill.

"Last July [2010] a pipeline rupture on Enbridge’s 6B pipeline spilled an estimated million gallons of Canadian tar sands crude into the Kalamazoo River system. The oil traveled 30 miles down the rain-swollen river, coating the floodplain.

"Officials declared a state of emergency, recommended evacuation because of unsafe levels of benzene in the air, and closed the Kalamazoo River to all activity by the public.

"In numerous public statements Enbridge CEO Pat Daniels apologized for the spill and promised to take responsibility for the cleanup and address the needs of the affected people and businesses.

"But six months after the spill, the river remains closed and some residents have not been able to get compensation through the claims process set up by the company..."
Cleanup continues in January 2012: Kalamazoo River Still Closed 15 Months After Oil Spill
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  1. Now that's interesting.
    Enbridge spokesy Paul Stanway was on the Rick Cluff show this morning - he's the same guy who said back in October : "Ten companies have contributed $10 million each to help Enbridge finance the regulatory approval process".
    Anyway he told Cluff the Kalamazoo clean-up would recommence in the spring when the weather improved and that it had been an "excruciating learning experince" for Enbridge.
    I guess he only meant the legal fees.

  2. Let us not forget the 300 Columbian families whose farms, lives and livliehoods were destroyed by Enbridge ten years ago and are still waiting for Enbridge to compensate them.


  4. Excellent article! Where the hell is the Canadian media on this? I expect more from the CBC and Rick Cluff.



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