Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tossing the myth of impartiality

CKNW's Bill Good took a little heat this week from callers but did his best to defend Gordon Campbell's appointment to the OBC, 'Maybe it's too soon." Good's ire rises quickly if callers slip through the screening and point out puffball treatment of the former Premier, his grand projects and colleagues.

Good claims he is currently holding Christy Clark's feet to the fire over tough issues. For me, that evokes a picture of him gently stirring fireplace embers at his beach house with Christy toasting her toes nearby while holding a beaker of Schloss Laderheim on ice.

Bill Good's claim of impartiality might be better served if he keeps the guest list private when he and Georgy open their home to entertain Directors of Anything from Premier Clark's office. It is hard to claim you are not being cozy with Liberal politicians while you tweet publicly about being cozy with Liberal politicians.

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  1. I feel like throwing up....

  2. Bill Good is a latter day "Lord Ha Ha", unabashedly supporting the BC Liberals and their cronies.

    The once mighty '98 is but a shadow of itself as it has become an infomercial station, supporting the other Campbell, the Fraser Institute, Gordo and all things Liberal.

    Puff ball questions is too strong a term, as the feeble lobs of unimportant questions are beyond credibility, unless one is from the NDP or criticizes the Canada Line.

    One would have thought that the Fast-ferries, a debacle from another generation, were just yesterday's news with Bill Boring.

    It is sad to see what was once a news icon in the province, has evolved into a 'dollar a Holler' format with such embarrassing players. Alas, I do not listen to NW anymore, nor call - it is like an old friend who in his/hers dotage, turned into drooling, repeating oneself, sufferer of Alzheimer's disease.

  3. I'm reminded of something Jack Webster said on air years ago. It went something like good reporters aren't pretty faces that can't even read a teleprompter. Something along that line.

  4. Back in 1960s, long before computers, and emails, my brother asked me "What do you call a canary after it goes through a lawnmower?" Ans: "Shredded Tweet." Right back then, WRONG today!

    Ken Dobell, OBC winner, oft quoted comment was "shred everything", but Pamela can't, because its a "social" medium that she's dealing with now, rather than her former industry where everything was contrived? No need to seek an FOI to see what the Director of Outreach is doing for Christy Clark.....

    What is a Director of Outreach supposed to be doing for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals: "She will develop Clark's "vision of creating open government by reaching out to British Columbians."

    It also says Martin will "improve public awareness and engagement and ensure communication is a two-way conversation CHECK," and that she will "help the public's concerns be translated into action by sharing with the Premier the challenge British Columbians face navigating government."

    Martin will also be expected to coordinate events that will make government more accessible, such as town hall meetings for Clark."

  5. Twitter really is most useful at revealing how people really think. Journos and pols let their guard down.

  6. I love the little twist of your knife by the includsion of Bill Good's second message.

    Bill admits "I don't think rules matter."

    Yes, we noticed that with the OBC and other matters, like disclosing conflicts arising from "professional relationships" with IPP's or the Chamber of Commerce of BC.

  7. There is something very wrong with these people. It's as if their moral compass is lost or badly malfunctioning.

  8. I had the best laugh of the morning with Evil Eye's and North Van's Grumps posts.
    Don't think I could say things any better than that.
    It's a sham (not a misspell) the govt today, shrills and belles and whistlers all Hodge-podging it together like a ball-room blitz, and then telling the astounded crowd that they don't know each other.

    Sorry Bill, we ARE a little more informed than that, especially with the (non)shredded-tweets.

  9. Not keeping his relationship with Pamela Martin, director of Outreach, private only speaks to the arrogance. Is there any chance, the that "media snub" of CKNW and others was simply a diversion and a feeble attempt to demonstrate Bill's (and others) claim of impartiality. Weekend coctails certainly put that myth to rest.

  10. Certainly, you mention a good possibility. Even those of us who are amateurs in the political game can dream up devices of diversion. It is an old trick.

    Diversion was the plan regarding the BC Rail deal too. While the media focused on the railroad's freight hauling assets, the thieves were grabbing prime land assets from BCR's vast tracts of developable properties. For example, not that many years ago, BC Rail owned huge acreage in Howe Sound. some of the best prospective housing sites anywhere in BC.

    The next generation's fortunes for real estate developers will be made in Howe Sound.



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