Monday, September 19, 2011

David Hahn skippered the M.V. Deficiencies

More worthwhile reading today at The Tyee, from investigative reporter Andrew MacLeod, a fine journalist who does not work in an echo chamber rewriting background papers issued by flacks working for government or industry.
"In 2007, after British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. bought the Northern Adventure to replace the sunken Queen of the North, a senior union official slammed "incompetent" Transport Canada inspectors for allowing the vessel to sail.

"Through an access to information request, The Tyee has now obtained 1,500 pages of records from Transport Canada documenting the federal agency's involvement.

"The partially censored records, another 500 pages of which were withheld, took the federal government two years and two months to release.

"...They also tell a story of "media interest" and pressure to approve the vessel in a hurry to meet BC Ferries' timeline. And they make clear that Transport Canada certified the ship despite a long list of deficiencies and concern among inspectors that some requirements, including the provision of an evacuation plan, were not met..."

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  1. Four years after purchase, they are still censoring documents. Chances are high they are hiding things they don't want us to know. So much for public accountability.



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