Monday, February 7, 2011

Promises, promises

This 2001 BC Liberal platform document, A New Era for British Columbia is no longer easily found. BC Liberals prefer it to be forgotten. I found one copy in the legislative library that had been condensed from 36 pages to 12.  However, the full document, which I found at the University of Laval in Quebec, makes interesting reading, particularly parts that promise:
  • The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada.
  • Better services for children, families & First Nations.
  • Stop the endless bureaucratic restructuring that has drained resources from children and family services.
  • Restore open tendering on government contracts . . .
  • . . . eliminating wasteful spending on government mismanagement, propaganda . . .
  • Not sell or privatize BC Rail.
  • Restore consumers’ right to Hydro rates that are independently set by the B.C. Utilities Commission, and not artificially inflated by government interference.
  • . . . outlaw provincial government “offloading” of costs onto municipal governments
  • Hold the line on court fees and probate fees, to ensure that no British Columbian is denied their right of access to our justice system because of onerous costs.
  • Protect and preserve Burns Bog.
  • etc.

BC Liberal 2001 Platform complete
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  1. " A top notch education system for students of all ages." Is that wshy almost 200 schools,including at least four in North Van are closed,never to reopen?

    "High quality public health care services that meet all patients needs where they live and when they need it." Is this why there are no longer family doctors practising in Burns Lake?

    " A thriving private sector economy that creates high-paying job opportunities." Is this why the big banks are laying off staff after getting hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks?

    "Safer streets and schools in every community." Is this why innocent people are being murdered in the seemingly never ending gang wars that are plaguing this province?

    "Better services for children,families,and First Nations." Tell that to the families of the 21 kids who died in government care.

    "The fastest growing technology industry in Canada." Where?

    " A leading edge forest industry that is globally recognized for it's productivity and environmental stewardship." I guess if exporting raw logs and closing dozens of mills and destroying good paying union jobs and the communities they serve is productivity and good environmental stewardship then I guess they've done something right-NOT!

    "Greater equity and equality for British Columbia in Canada." So I guess TILMA and the softwood lumber deal were just great for British Columbians?

    "The most open,accountable and democratic government in Canada" See BC Rail.

    "Responsible, accountable management of your public resources and tax dollars." Oh where to begin on THAT one! Let's see, olympics,HST, convention centre, "run of river" power projects-you get the picture.

  2. Absolutely brilliant find Norm.

    Certainly shows how bad the decade has been under the nefarious leadership (?) of Pinocchio Gordon "the liar" Campbell eh !


  3. That I could see, there's not a single promise they did not break. I can't even imagine there are thinking people out there willing to defend ANY of them - much less vote for them. Says a whole lot about BC doesn't it?

  4. Hold onto that report. We'll need it for the next election.

  5. As I have said before"if it makes it to Gordon Campbells lips or a liberal platform, it's a lie.

  6. "better services for children, families, First nations"
    I do hope to live long enough to see that happen.
    So far B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada, 7 years running. The lowest min. wage in Canada, adding to poverty; seen the closing of countless schools in B.C.; B.C. has seen less justice--closing of court houses and a reduction of judges from 134 to 100 in 10 yrs; reduction in child care spaces, the list goes on.
    I have yet to see any improvement in the lives of the majority of children, families, and First Nations people in the past ten years. Maybe there has been an improvement for the children and families of the Lieberals but the rest of us, not so much.



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