Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get out your handkerchief - and your wallet

Gerry Hummel's full size piece about this BC Liberal enrichment program may be seen at The Common Sense Canadian.

While there, read BC Hydro Driving Rates Higher, the work of economist Erik Andersen who points out how BC Liberal policies have worked, particularly since 2008, toward destruction of BC Hydro. An example,
". . . for a unit of energy, the needed financial resources remained remarkably constant until 2008 when we see the “Hockey stick” curve develop. In a few short years it suddenly took about 40% more financial resources to produce the same or less GW hrs of energy needed by domestic consumers.
Rafe Mair adds more good reading about the BC Hydro fraud, The Numbers Don't Lie: We Don't Need More Private Power
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  1. I learned today that Campbell had broadened the base for international business tax credits to include such financial transactions as carbon credit trading. This is rapidly getting over my head, but smells like there is a relation to rubber stamping of IPP drain-the-lake power projects. The penny stock promoters of these companies are spinning them to look like they qualify for carbon tax credits. Perhaps someone could offer an opinion on this. The carbon credit trade could be worth even more than the higher than market price being paid for the electricity. When these IPP's sell out soon after getting the EAO approval, do they keep the ability to trade any credits that may apply? A lot of destruction for a little bit of power at the wrong time of year, but a lot of monetary gain (tax free perhaps). How can mainstream reporters be so ignorant of the huge scope of these projects? Small footprint my a##. The cartoon is absolutely correct. One only needs to look at photos taken during construction of a "small" project to see this (the ones taken on the Sunshine Coast are a prime example). They cannot exist except in clusters. The toes of each lake drain and dam add up to one pretty big footprint all right.



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