Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colin Hansen is correct!

The Finance Minister said some prices would be down under the Liberal's new HST regime.

2011 BMW M6 Coupe with 500 HP V10 and 7-speed transmission

Jun 30 -- $129,500 + 5% GST $6,475 + 10% PST $12,950 = Total $148,925.

Jul 01 -- $129,500 + 12% HST $15,540 = Total $145,040

Saving = $3,885 (Prices from BMW Canada website)

So, remember, when Liberals and their media groupies ask, "How you gonna pay for government programs?", tell them that you might eliminate tax breaks for consumers of luxury goods.
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  1. It's amazing what donations can do for business isn't it? All this, in 4 short years...

    Total Contribution For This Search: $559,889.00

    Use enough grease, you might get a break too.

  2. Wow. It takes heavy money to buy a government. Cost of everything goes up with time I guess. There was a day when Liberals could be bought for a much lower price.

    Mind you, Campbell and his bunch always claimed they were effective business managers. We just didn't realize that takin' care of business meant filling their own pockets.

    By the way, check out who is lobbying for the New Car Dealers now. You don't need six degrees to get to Patrick Kinsella. Surprised?

  3. No surprise there Norm, and that's said isn't it? I think the word that applies to him in BC business is "ubiquitous."

    Every where at the same time, or constantly encountered. (And a finger in every pie it seems.)

  4. What they've done is shameful. On a fifty dollar meal you are paying much more. If you walk into a bar and just buy a beer, you're paying less.

    And to be giving a break to anyone who could buy a car anywhere north of $75,000, never mind over $100,000, is insanity. Shame!

    But they have none.

  5. As I understand the situation, whereas the sales tax on a pint goes down in a restaurant or bar, the markup by the LCB (or whatever they call themselves nowadays)is up so the consumer pays the same. If you examine what the Liberals have said, they have referenced wine prices reducing and I suspect that will only be on direct sales from local wineries where they sell on different terms than does the bar that buys through a liquor store.

  6. My first grocery shopping, with the HST, was a nightmare. Depending what size of bottles of drinks, one has the HST, the other size doesn't. I picked up a carry basket, to throw back any items that had the HST applied. I made a list of the HST items, to avoid them. I noticed, food costs have really shot up. I'm wondering if supermarkets have done this, to compensate for, the HST goods, that people like me refuse to buy? By fall our community underground, will be fully up and running. Big chain stores, will be boycotted. The anger is such, for greedy big business, they may have shot themselves in the foot.

  7. Hi Norm, thanks for your enlightening comment on my blog, The Left Coast. I am actually looking for a new family car and will now consider the 2011 BMW M6 (tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course). What an incredibly poorly planned new tax.

    I have posted another funny HST letter on my blog, have a look at it;

  8. Norman,
    Came back on the ferry yesterday and used the lounge. The price was 12 bucks each up from ten, a 20% increase. We were a little angry especially as they hadn't got the wifi up and working... the whole point of the excercise.

    And imagine how great we felt when we were told the 20% increase was on account of the HST.

    It's run by Shirley Bond, why not take a little add on. It's what her boss does.

  9. Now be nice everyone. The HST is to save us money, as Campbell and Hansen promised. Remember?

    I got a call saying my house insurance went up $165.00. I was angry. When I asked why? They said, the cost of house repairs went way up, because of the HST. I am still scratching my head, trying to think where I saved money, by the HST on my house insurance. Mr. Falcon didn't send me a reply. Hmmmm Maybe I will try Christy and see if she knows.



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