With over 1,250 articles published here in the last two and half years, readers can find pieces that range from crap to pretty decent. On this page, I will add links to a few of my personal favourites. This is not a carefully considered list; links will appear as I read through old material.
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  1. On the new BC Budget 2012...

    How can a "pro business" party, call a "tax" a "user fee", then in the same breath, committ to selling off "profitable" assets, in order to balance the books that the "party" screwed up, in the first place.

    Did an accountant, even look at this budget, before it was announced?

    Incredible irony....incredible stupidity!

    Don't confuse the terms party and government in this case.

    The terms "party" and "government" with regard to the BC liberals, should "not" be used, in the same sentence.


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