Countdown - BC Liberal Demise

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  1. One must learn to past the time on this particular issue; it seems to go by so slowly...

  2. Hahahahaha!!!

    Truly, an invigorating post Norman! Happy New Year!

  3. Norm, fantastic! Better than the BC Olympic's countdown!

  4. Dang! I went to bed... and now it's only 7 hours closer.

    'Must try to sleep longer!

  5. Any truth to the rumours that the libs are going to try and highjack the election date and push it into the Fall?

    1. I think not, unless they pass a law saying that they can change the legislation to do so.

  6. "Come What May" I hope Ida Chong will be "Gone With The Wind"! Ida is our MLA in Gordon Head-Oak Bay, we have asked her by way of letter to seek out why the OPCC has been dragging out our BC Police Act Policy Complaint dated MARCH 31st, 2010, it's OPCC File No. 2010-5132. Now that's almost 3 years!
    The Policy involves police providing only verbal subjective MHA reports and nothing in writing to medical staff when police take a citizen to hospital for a mental health assessment. If a caller to police provides a fabricated/embellished report to police, the police may be relaying that mis-information unknowingly to staff, and the detainee in question may then be subjected to having their clothes removed and forcibly injected without the safe provisions set out in our Charter Rights and freedoms Act of Canada to defend themselves against individuals "Acting in Bad Faith".
    Section 10 of the Charter allows any arrested or detained citizen the Right to contact a lawyer to have the validity of their detention checked, and they must be released if it's unlawful.
    There are too many stories of incapable citizens at risk of harming themselves or others being refused treatment, and capable citizens being denied Charter Rights and drugged and detained against their will. I think our infamous Laws could be same as China's.

    Corruption unchecked in government, combined with subjective verbal police MHA Sec. 28(1) reports to medical staff is a very bad combination without the proper checks and balances in place, the potential for misuse of the MHA is horrifying, but who is going to go to the police and complain, they may just relay another verbal subjective MHA report to medical staff, and the one complaining may be getting a free lunch at the local psych ward.

  7. The robo-calls have started.....and they're from Virginia


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