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Norman Farrell
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

My wife Gwen and I are part of the first wave of baby boomers. We were both born on the west coast of Canada, grew up here and raised three young adults who, with their new families, enrich our lives immeasurably.

If we could, our leisure time would be consumed by travel and learning. We yearn to examine the history and sociology of unique people and places, to experience food, entertainment and cultures that are new to us. We will share responses and information about places, experiences and events that gain our attention. Check out our other blogs:
  • Epicur-iosity for experiences and discoveries that reflect unique styles, regions and traditions. this will focus on travel, dining and entertainment.
And now, words from our sponsor:
I accept short term assignments as a consultant or writer/researcher.  I have  experience in a broad range of small business activities with a particular focus on accounting and financial management.  If you aim to tell a simple business story, need experienced assistance to establish a new enterprise or require a formal business plan to communicate visions, goals and comprehensive financial plans, contact me for affordable services.
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