Northern Insights / Perceptivity is personal commentary about political and social issues, focused on Western Canada. Here, independent thought is respected so I invite you to read a variety of sources.  I provide links to worthy online journalists and websites of mainstream news organizations, particularly those that value public interest journalism.

Regular readers know that many articles in this blog relate to principles of ethics, transparency and accountability in the public sector. I am critical mostly of government members because their leaders have hands on the levers of power. However, if one party is criticized, don't assume that I am a partisan of the one opposite.

I distrust and object to the presidential style of governance that Canada has stumbled into, where parliament and its members are little respected and real power resides in the offices of the first minister. I believe that a strong group of independent members is vital to restoring authority to elected members.

The blog world is akin to the pamphleteers of early days. We don't need to own newspapers or broadcasting stations, the Internet is our tool of free speech. Value it. Use it. Protect it.

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