BC Rail-alities

The long history of political corruption involved in the sale of BC Rail is provided by BC Mary at The Legislature Raids.

Sage political veteran Ian Reid says it clearly at The Real Story:
So the Globe has cleared all the politicians and all the good BC Liberals in the Basi Virk escapade… It’s no longer a real scandal just a bad incident, a small escapade.

Except the Globe and their partner CTV did it on the basis of only one side of the story. Their application only asked for the prosecution’s filings in court. Missing and still sitting on the shelf is the other side of the story. Because the defense filed documents as well, documents debunking the prosecution’s case and findings.

The question for the Globe is why? Why toss aside objective reporting and report only one side of the story? Why pay your lawyer to only apply for half the story? Why print that when your reporters know contradictory facts and fact patterns exist? Just who benefits from that kind of reporting?

Alex G. Tsakumis, Rebel with a Clause, must be followed regularly because AGT has indisputable documentation that mainstream media operations refuse to report. Alex provides evidence media is actively concealing information implicating the BC Liberal Government in economic fraud. Many questions remain to be answered by the person designated by Liberals as the next Premier of British Columbia.

Corporate thieves and politicians expected the BC Rail story to die. They paid millions of the public's money for silence. They slammed and locked the door on public records. However, this fraud will have life like no other BC scandal before it.

This one has all the elements of widespread political, police and legal corruption. It involves dishonest privatization of public assets and debasement of the trial system. Unethical conduct is exposed and powerful insiders are revealed as greedy, self-serving manipulators. A Premier's reputation is destroyed.

While the mainstream media stays silent, Alex G. Tsakumis is peeling layers of this putrid onion. His is required reading for all. Someone with documents is leaking information and it may soon get more dramatic.

Click Here for Alex Tsakumis


 Anonymous said...
ya...when h$ll freezes over.

NOVEMBER 8, 2011 10:49 AM
 Anonymous said...
Will these questions be brought up again? Hopefully they will be! The BC Liberals have to be held accountable.

NOVEMBER 8, 2011 1:02 PM
 Norm Farrell said...
A person commenting at one of the many sites I read regularly wondered why the Vancouver Sun doesn't feature one different question on the front page for each of 100 days.

Maybe an alternative media site will have to do that, posting one question each day and suggesting what the possible answers could be.

BC Liberals sure won't address these. They want the whole issue forgotten and, over many years, mainstream media has not been prepared to lance the festering boil.

NOVEMBER 8, 2011 1:11 PM
 Anonymous said...
The main stream media, isn't worth the powder to blow them to hell. They are the propaganda machines for, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. I have watched the TV, newspapers and radio, spread the BC Liberals lies far and wide. The media is so disgusting, I canceled my papers and shut the news off.

This entire country is a hellhole of corruption. BC is the most corrupt province, I have ever seen in my life. Shameful and a total disgrace. Never have I seen this country sink so low, as Canada is today. Other country's media have said, how badly Harper is destroying democracy in Canada.

NOVEMBER 9, 2011 5:04 AM
 Anonymous said...
Well from where I sit the MSmedia has been bought and paid for by the gang in Victoria with advertising dollars plain and simple. Any true critical coverage of our policies - no advertising dollars.


NOVEMBER 9, 2011 8:24 PM

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