Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ingrates, eh?

Transcript from Vaughn Palmer's Voice of BC, May 2012

Topic: Extra Funding for Ferries
Vaughn Palmer:
This week…. We’ll start with a parochial Vancouver Island guy who lives in Victoria question. You managed to find $80 million for the ferries this week. Did Kevin Falcon turn over the couch cushions or something, and find some money? Where did this money come from?
Blair Lekstrom (Transportation Minister):
...It’s spread over four years, so it breaks down to about $46 million, then another $10.5 million, $11 million, $11.5 million for a total of $79.5 million is what we get to. It is a significant amount of money in these tight fiscal times that we’re in — but we had to do something. There’s no one easy answer to the solution with BC Ferries, that’s for sure.
Vaughn Palmer:
What does this lift the annual subsidy from the two levels of government, too, for the ferries? It must be getting close to $200 million.
Blair Lekstrom:
...The actual service-fee lift will be $10 million this year, $10.5 next year, $11 million, and then $11.5 million...
Vaughn Palmer:
In spite of that, I heard a tremendous amount of whining today — and if you’re watching this live, it’s Thursday — from ferry users that it’s still not enough money.
Blair Lekstrom:
Well, it was interesting. I don’t know if there’s [inaudible].
Vaughn Palmer:
You’re not going to call them a bunch of ingrates?
The reality:

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  1. The Liberals are fortunate to have their own supporters pretending to be journalists.

    But, I suppose this comes through diligent investment, not by luck.

  2. Swine, both of them! Then again, at the rate we're becoming beset by new arrivals there are some who would argue we'd be better off sinking half the ferries. It's not the cost but the convenience we could do without. It's becoming increasingly rare for me to find a reason to leave the island. A daughter's wedding was the last time.

  3. “…a parochial Vancouver Island guy who lives in Victoria…”

    Parochial: having a limited or narrow outlook or scope.

    Vaughn nailed it; or should I say, himself.

    Fijian or Polish stickers on his virtual suitcase? Not likely.

  4. Lew should have referenced Norm's previous columns for the outrageous details on the Poles and Fijians in case you're new here. I'd try to expand on them, except I get sick to my stomach just thinking about them.

  5. When reading Palmer often times his descriptions of something that is clearly a Liberal Turd comes off as sounding like a hot fudge sundae and Vaughn is providing the whip cream.



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