Thursday, March 3, 2016

Travel break

I will travelling until Tuesday with only occasional access to the internet. My plan for the next few months is to visit energy and resource facilities in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia and interview people involved in operations and planning. The aim is to improve my knowledge of people and regions outside BC's lower mainland, particularly ones affected by natural resource activities.

In mid May, I'm headed from Vancouver to the South Okanagan, then South-East BC and on from Revelstoke to Peace River Country, including Dawson Creek and Fort St. John. From there it will be through Chetwynd and south from McLeod Lake to Prince George and then on to Kamloops before returning to the coast.

A few events and meetings are scheduled in various places but I've got reasonable flexibility and I'm open to suggestions from readers. You can contact me at

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  1. Good on 'ya Norm.

    Can we assume that you won't be chartering any private jets for you and your entourage?


  2. Make sure you don't do a Pete McMartin: His car was a Honda Fit: No SPARE TIRE, and he needed a tire in Fort St. John. The tire dealership brought in from ... Edmonton.

    Have a good trip Norm.

  3. Good for you Norm.
    Your efforts on our behalf are important and this road show is something that needs to be done. Instead of sitting back saying "rah, rah, yeah, go get 'em, Norm," I will do what I have known I should do for a long time; donate. Small, but I hope it can help.

    For those who have never read Laila Yuile, I suggest you do as a lot of what she does, dovetails Norms work.

    Right now she is writing about a Site C' financially shaky contractor and hanky panky with lenders and Liberals. She is making people nervous.

    Good luck Norm and be safe.

  4. Sounds like an exercise our political leaders should consider, for the reasons you’re doing it; not just to bring back photos.

    Don’t stand too close to the edge of anything higher than your boots at those facilities Norm; your reputation precedes you.

    Stay safe.



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