Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today's session with Ian Jessop, CFAX1070

The audio file below is a recording of my time on CFAX 1070 with Ian Jessop March 02, 2016. We talk of BC Hydro and deceitful government.

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  1. G. Barry StewartMarch 2, 2016 at 4:46 PM

    Any intel on why Hydro wasn't allowed to be involved in run-of-river projects? I can imagine independents wouldn't want the competition from a utility that wasn't trying to make a large profit.

    1. The story was that Hydro is good at big dam projects but couldn't do small ones.
      Which is nonsense but the whole point was to justify a lot of IPPs.


    I sure hope somebody who is Facebook-enabled gets onto Vaughn Palmer's column comments today and congratulates him on being only 18 months or so behind Norm on his gas industry scoop!

  3. Quote:

    "Jessica McDonald, Hydro’s president and CEO, told reporters in a briefing last week Site C is needed for domestic use, but it is not realistic to expect it will be brought on line at the moment more capacity is needed."

    “It’s not the kind of project that you can just decide to start and stop and start and stop and decide to calibrate your way through a period between now and 2024 so that it lands on the head of a pin the moment that you have your dramatic energy need,” she said."

    In other words? Power from the $9+ billion, BC Hydro-bankrupting, agriculture land-flooding, native rights-infringing Site C dam is not actually needed!



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