Saturday, March 12, 2016

BC Liberals and their allies strike back

The BC Liberals are using their most trusted media tools to once again smear victims who have, according to Adrian Dix, "been repeatedly exonerated” in the health ministry scandal.

The Christy Clark Government didn't have the nerve to go into court and prove allegations; they wrote cheques and apologies to the affected people.

However, Liberals are still prepared to libel their victims publicly by holding an unneeded and flawed Ombudsman’s review, granting more than 25x the legal resources to the accused than to the victims. The former Liberal Deputy Minister wouldn't have to review anything if government routinely documented its business and preserved records.

Now, fours years after the firings and while on the wrong side of public opinion, Liberals use loyal media toadies to carry messages of defamation. It's mean spirited and gutless and the Legislative Press Gallery members should be ashamed of their partisan roles.

This is not the first outrage, only the latest, and it ranks with the deletion of Roderick MacIsaac’s suicide note from his computer, which was seized and held for an extended period by provincial authorities.

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  1. And people insist this crowd is stupid. Not on your life. They know exactly what they are doing. Buy the victims and swear them to silence, a one sided silence, then trot out a dog and pony, flimflam investigation and pat the good little reporters on the head.

    Adrian Dix should be fighting to get air time and if he is shut out he should take it on the road, along with Hydro, Site C and all the other shams.

    How can the public get angry if they don't know?

    No, the Liberals aren't stupid at all.

    1. Stupid? Not a chance! Sly like a fox. Crafty. Corrupt. Selfserving. Disingenuous. They have to be anything but stupid to keep their Teflon asses out of trouble. The voters in West Kelowna may be stupid, but the Liberal cartel is very clever!

  2. Is there enough new information for the BCGEU to go back and get David Scott and Ramsay Hamdi their jobs back?

    Will that unredacted information be enough to show that the BC government did not bargain in good faith as is required?

  3. " The Vancouver Sun has obtained an uncensored copy. Government lawyers served the newspaper with legal demands the report be returned or destroyed. The Sun published the story as a matter of public interest. "

    You see Norm, those caring people and reporters at the VSun are only interested in looking after us : " a matter of public interest "

    Now don't we all feel just a bit warm & fuzzy that someone in the media is watching out for us ? What's next.... the true story about the Ethnic Scandal or wait for it...... BC Rail.... after all it is " a matter of public
    interest "

    Guy in Victoria

  4. The deletion of a suicide note on a destruction of evidence. An investigation leading to a possible charge of obstruction of justice would seem warranted in this case.
    In terms of Adrian Dix, and the media, just call a news conference. Don't bother with the legislative "press" nonsense. He could call the conference off site, invite Horgan to speak as well. The NDP has to get far better at getting their message out, without the "jaded" MSM being involved.
    Propaganda can be fought, but is must be fought loud and with many different methods.
    We get the governance we "allow". The BC Liberals are "not" a political party of good governance. It is white collar corruption, and malfeasance that is being "allowed", and must be halted, then prosecuted.

  5. Sadly this entire matter gets ignored, mainly due to the right wing media which refuses to give any BC Liberal scandal the due diligence any true media would subject it to. How many bureaucrats have to take the fall for this gang of silly, maniacal operatives? Notice to all upper level bureaucrats, the BC Liberals do not have your backs, why are you protecting them?

    1. Good point. The civil service is "supposed to be" non partisan and neutral in "political goings on". How is it that indemnification of ministerial "employees" up to 25 times the cost, of what the fired health care employees are getting, is allowed? Not to mention, the "responsibility the civil service" has, to advise and "instruct" government ministers. There is a reason they call it "whistle blowing".
      To those members of the civil service, with a conscience and a sense of justice, find the whistles and start using them. Organized crime is at work in governance here in B.C.

  6. Four reasons why the BC Liberals would not go to court, but all the while malign and besmirch Ministry of Health employees:
    de Jong

    1. Concentration of legal investigations and resources, must begin with these individuals. Add Coleman and party officials. The "selection of a prosecution team" with funding and tools necessary to prosecute and convict, on this scale, has to be planned. Read up on the Brazil "Bribery scandal" and the "nine horseman of the apocalypse" legal team. Perhaps we will need to "import" legal expertise, when the time comes.

  7. The common themes through these comments are; criminal activity, frightened or silenced employees and an NDP that must do more.

    To repeat a comment I made another blog, because it will be interesting to watch;

    From The Tyee;
    “A British Columbia government aide who lost his job for inappropriately deleting emails has been charged for lying while under oath. (George) Gretes is scheduled to appear in court in Victoria on April 20.”
    I will be off the Island at the time of his first appearance and I expect it to be merely a formality to set a date for trial or if the fix is in cop a plea. Should it proceed to trial in my lifetime I will do everything I can to attend.
    My imagination runs wild at the potential scrambling over this one following his first excuse of “just following my commanders orders.”

    How much money will the taxpayers throw at this one to make it go away?

  8. Worth noting that when Liberals decided to take defensive action because they've lost the the public opinion war, they turned not to Andrew MacLeod of The Tyee, the journalist who's been at the front of health ministry scandal reporting, they went to reliable helpers at the Vancouver Sun. Next, we'll hear from the second line water carriers, Baldrey, Fletcher et al.

  9. It should be noted that the individual who wrote the piece at hand here also wrote this:

    There is a certain farmer involved in both pieces. In one he is featured; the adoration bestowed on a public official unbecoming a responsible journalist. In the other he is carefully hidden behind the manure pile despite being the main player in the saga; the protection offered also unbecoming a responsible journalist. The farmer in question has also been excused from keeping a public record of his governmental activities by none other than the premier, for no good reason except that she says he’s a farmer. Her motives are obvious, but then she’s not a journalist. This file reminds us who else isn’t.

    The “leaked” investigation conducted by the Comptroller General looked into practices within the health ministry at the time it was in the control of the farmer. But by the time of the investigation the farmer was operating a different field, and the Comptroller General was conveniently one of the hired hands on his new farm. Good fortune sufficient to make even the goddess Ceres blush.

    I have previous experience with the Comptroller General’s trustworthiness. The Financial Administration Act says the Comptroller General must provide functional control over all financial transactions entered into the central accounting system. I therefore wrote to him for some understanding of the financial transaction necessary for the payoff to Basi and Virk overseen by our well-traveled farmer in the BC Rail travesty. No investigation there. Oh no. He slipped out of that functional plow harness so fast you’d think it was never ever designed to fit him. Instead matters financial suddenly became the purview of the Ministry of Attorney General, where I learned never to trust that branch of government, or anyone in the local mainstream media again. This case included.

    At some point it would to be fair to ask whether this farmer is just unlucky, or whether there is some other explanation for the fact he seems to suffer so many crop failures. And why the pro journalists hereabouts only seem interested in singing E-I-E-I-O rather than actually going where the cow-pies are thick and deep to find out.

  10. The Vancouver Sun...Oh indeed, more like the SunNews network..

    Vaughn Palmer did(finally) a story about BC.s rising debt and contractual obligations..There were no comments allowed and the article vanished from the front and back pages within hours...

    Vaughn did an article(2 weeks ago) about the upcoming Christy Clark book..That column lingered on the front page all weekend long...This latest Health firing article was promoted hard on stayed on the front page for days.

    When I read this latest health firing article..The way it was promoted(the title) I thought there might be something pertinent contained within..

    Halfway through the column it was crystal clear that the intent of the article was to give cover to the BC Liberal Government and imply justification for the firings..

    It read like a one-sided debate, it read like a prosecutor's closing arguments, an unchallenged interpretation of events from the prosecutory side..

    It was shameless propaganda by the Vancouver Sun...How is it the BC Liberal Government was allowed to release that one sided prosecutor-in-tone document when the eight accused(seven) are silenced by non-disclosure agreements..

    And not only that, to have that propaganda go out to the media(BC Liberal's Goebell like spindoctor)during a so-called investigation by BC.s Ombudsman..

    Absolutely fucking disgraceful...

    And nor one Vancouver Sun patsy writer or columnist has the courage to tell on their boss, the courage to stop playing ball..Desperate days in Canada's media.

    1. Grant G asks a good question here. How is it that victims in the Health Ministry Scandal are bound by non-disclosures and denied a public voice while the Liberals pals can report whatever they wish.

      Again, the vileness of this political party is revealed. The leaders are sociopaths, prepared to wreak havoc on the lives of innocents to keep themselves in power.

      It is sad that two journalists who know better allow themselves to be used. I suppose they have eyes on the prizes that can be earned by loyal soldiers.

    2. The government has already settled out of court at a cost of millions to the taxpayers of British Columbia. How could it do so without full knowledge of what happened? Imagine the fallout if the Ombudsman’s “investigation” reveals there was sufficient cause to fire the researchers. Then imagine Christy Clark and the farmer taking that chance. It would never happen.

      Anyone with an IQ over room temperature knows that the facts are already well known to government, and at the highest levels. The ongoing sham of an investigation can only be viewed as an attempt to massage and message those facts. The latest article by the Vancouver Sun can be viewed in the same light. The public deserves and must demand much better.

  11. Perhaps a riposte could be carried out here where "friends" of the gagged victims could be their voice. My guess is the workers were not completely silent before the fix was made, so there must be plenty of facts waiting to be harvested.

  12. should we have expected anything less from a woman who has been part of a government and led a government which provided the children of this province with the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 14 of 15 years; kept disabled people living on $908 per month since 2007 and then gave them a $21 increase. Of course we ought not to be surprised by anything Christy clark and her B.C. Lieberals do. they ought to be ashamed of themselves, but they have no shame. If they did, some of them would resign or move to sit as independents.

    The MSM doesn't care. they get paid. they aren't subject to living in abject poverty or live lives of desperation. No everything is just fine for them.

    I'm an atheist but I do hope there is a hell because if there is, there ought to be a special section for the B.C. Lieberals, their supporters, and the MSM.

    The B.C. Lieberals and the MSM will do whatever they deem necessary to stay in office. Doesn't matter how many lives they ruin, it is only themselves they are concerned with. its called narcistic personality disorder. wonder if Christy and her pals have ever seen a shrink?



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