Sunday, February 28, 2016

An "accidental activist" on LNG

Dr. Eoin Finn, who has a residence on Bowyer Island in Howe Sound, is a retired partner of KPMG and holds Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) and MBA (International Business) degrees.

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  1. That explosion in China shown on the second video was from a single highway tanker. It had a very small volume compared to what storage tank farms and LNG ships hold.

  2. LNG, because... GROWTH! we need to infinitely grow the economy (because that's how we deal with debt).

    These people are insane.

    1. Pay next to nothing for gas stocks, pay half the cost price of power to process, using equipment built overseas by Asians, employ temporary foreign workers in BC and transport LNG with ships owned and crewed by foreigners, pay no incomes taxes and convince the rubes in BC that every dollar you realized for their gas in Asia adds to their GDP, even though 10% of its value got circulated in Canada.

  3. In this digital age, people waste all sorts of time viewing mindless videos, memes, tweets and Facebook posts — as well as television. Many hours per person/day are lost, I'm sure… but do you think we could get them to INVEST one hour of their time to watch this presentation?

    I'm going to do my part to get the word out, hoping it will stick on a few of my contacts and it can carry on from there. I hope others here will help build the "Forces of Know."

    Whether you come at it from an environmental, safety, energy, employment or economic angle: Dr. Eoin Finn makes it clear that there is no business case for an LNG export industry in BC.

  4. Agreed. Our government seems to be like a supertanker that's lost steering and throttle control. It's headed in one direction and won't turn or stop until it runs aground. The only question: how bad will the damage be to our land and people?



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