Tuesday, January 12, 2016

BC Jobs Plan

British Columbia Liberals haven't talked much about the BC Jobs Plan lately, perhaps because they don't want people looking too closely at statistical reports. Those reveal a trend where full-time jobs are being replaced by part-time jobs, not for teenagers or young adults but for people who traditionally form the most stable part of the workforce.

Here is one example taken from Statistics Canada table 282-0001:

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  1. The "mcjob factor", low wages, no benefits, no social responsibility to the community. Seems that that "trickle down economics" is working just fine for the copratists, the kleptocracy and the " minions" in the government. A shrinking tax base will eventually reveal the "Stupidity factor"in the way that the "socialization of debt and the privatization of profits" has harmed this province in the extreme. Who, in the future will pay the huge deficit, that is growing daily under the BC Liberals?
    How would they pay? Most on part time incomes can hardly afford rent in the major centers.
    How can you continue to "create a taxpayer base" when jobs and employment are going to subsistent levels. Mexico of the north...you bet. Brought to you in part, by the BC Liberals and the folks that truly believe the mantra, "Shut up and pay your taxes, never mind what we're doing, we really know what's best for you......and ourselves."

  2. Why aren't gov'ts (and StatsCan, for that matter) required to publish jobs figures in terms of full-time equivalents? An increase of 5000 part-time jobs in conjunction with a decrease of 4000 full-time jobs is NOT a net increase!

  3. You are right but the statistics agency needs to balance the costs of doing something with the benefit.

    I recall that in my days in business, I was never happy with filling out endless Statistics Canada Surveys. So, I have sympathy for those who object to increasing detail and frequency of reports.

    I believe the most important issue is to remove the political bias that Harper Conservatives introduced to StatsCan.

    We need raw data, with minimal explanation. I don't want a political officer telling us that fewer full time jobs and more part time jobs is a positive that shows more flexibility in the economy. That may be true if you're worried only about the economy but might be a negative, if you're worried about the future of Canada.

  4. Page 8 of 30

    Case Practice audit report Knucwentwecw Society The lack of backfill for staffing vacancies and staff who have moved from full time to part time positions has been identified as challenging ......

  5. It would seem the real " Jobs Plan " is employing good lawyers at no small expense to the taxpayer for Liberal insiders. Think Basi/Virk and now everyone connected to Ethnogate.



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