Monday, December 14, 2015

Rich lands, poor people

If a province allows extraction of natural resources and takes back little or no share of produced value, its gross domestic product (GDP) may rise on paper but its citizens become poorer as raw assets are depleted and the environment is degraded.

Typically in BC, foreign owned companies export resources for final processing or manufacturing using foreign transport, foreign agents and overseas management. Exporters return only a portion of value to the local economy and they maximize sales proceeds held overseas, often in tax havens.

What matters to citizens is not the value exported but the wealth circulated internally. If a region is not adequately compensated for materials exported, ultimately, it will suffer poverty. If a local economy exports resources without adding value, it minimizes the worth of commodities delivered.

The land that depletes its resources must account for pollution of land, air and water. These are hidden costs, frequently ignored by people who benefit by hiding them. Usual economic measures – GDP for example - do not indicate economic well-being and sustainability.

Lands rich in resources often end up being rich countries with poor people.

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  1. Our Premier has some interesting thoughts on LNG and reduction of GHG emissions:

    "How does that affect B.C., particularly the plans for LNG?

    Christy Clark: I think the plan for LNG is going to help the world reach that goal. There are 150 coal plants on the books to be built in China. They're not going to stop building those coal plants if they don't have an alternative to provide the energy. We can provide them with that energy, much cleaner energy, to stop those plants from being built."


    1. Coal is BC’s single biggest export commodity and 80% of Canada’s coal is shipped through BC.

      She might have said, "One of our strategies to stop those coal plants in China is to ramp up our coal exports by expanding export terminals and building a new bridge instead of a tunnel to allow access for bigger ships. “

      Wonder why she didn’t? It would have been the only truthful statement in her interview other than those of the interviewer, except when she said "I don't know," and "I haven't seen the report."

    2. Yes but we are shipping more coal than ever over there and soon we will be shipping even more coal from of all places .... the USA. People in this province that voted these snakes in yet again need to be mentally evaluated for real. Who could possibly believe anything this government says or does is good for our province. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  2. A new spin already from Christy and crew. What direction is the wind blowing the fairy dust now?
    Hmmm, fancy that....we'll stop coal exports, and chime right in with LNG all while meeting our climate change goals. The folks behind the scene's, are happy...just think they still profit, thanks to taxpayers footing the bill. Privatize profits, socialize those massive debts, suits them just fine.
    This fantasy is just that...pure nonsense. As a taxpayer I resent the malfeasance and manipulation
    of a serving kleptocratic government, bending and twisting the truths, and even international policy initiatives, to accomplish their own corrupt ends.
    The election in 2017 can't come soon enough. I hope John Horgan and company have seen the light, and it is an election that will provide a win that will see a corruption enquiry called, that this province desperately needs.

  3. We have already become a poor people and it is going to get worse.

    We do not look after our natural resources nor do we look after our most valuable resource, our children. We just heard Plecas this eveming on about how not all children can be saved, like what an attitude and that the advocate for children makes too many recommendations. In keeping with that attitude we know why all our resources die and are exported. who gains? Not the children, not you and I. What Christy and cabal gain, only they know and they aren't going to tell us any time soon.

    In Christy's quest for poverty and death in this province, the news reported tonight she is doubling the grizzle bear kill and increasing the wolf kill. The people of the province haven't shown any interest in that. who benefits from more dead bears? Not the bears, not the people in this province. Not even the outfitters because they don't produce that much money. I would conclude some one wants dead bears for their parts because there is an emormous amount of money to be made there.

    In my opinion, the B.C. Lieberals are all about poverty and death. If voters keep voting for them we can expect more dead animals, land, children, poverty for those who live and degraded land and water. Not a bad legacy for the photo op queen.

    For those who hope Horgan wins, good luck. The media will not report much about him, or tell the truth about the current regime. Then of course the B.C. NDP need to get a grip. Notley won in Alberta. Her campaign was run by Gerry Scott of B.C. When the B.C. NDP ran their campaign they hired a bunch out of Ontario.

    The NDP is the official opposition, now the MSM doesn't love them, but you don't see the NDP putting much effort out about what is going on in this province either. You'd at least think some of the NDP MLAs might be writing letters to the editors of local papers or putting some money out on ads. I honestly don't know what the NDP is doing while all of this is going on. As I've written perhaps the MSM isn't reporting on what they are doing, but then they'd better get a strategy going because the election will be upon us sooner than later.



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