Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pammy's progress

RossK's The Gazetteer, in This Day In Clarkland...Pammy's Progress, featured a Tweet of BC's NotSenator Pam talking with Burke Mountain Liberals in Coquitlam. I couldn't not reply.

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  1. I'm very sure she offered them a pony for their thoughts.

  2. I love yer focus norm yer wit and your dedication, great writing,....which is why I support you with a small stipend every month, I no longer buy newspapers and their .01% bias about keeping their sugar mommas in business... you are such a valuable asset and you will 'stand predominate' [to quote bunny wailer... the one who survived], I wrote a music review column here in Kelowna for 35 years [12 years with black press] ... keep up the good fight cheers

    1. Thank you for the comments and the support. I've had great interactions with citizens all over BC and I think we all share the hope for a better province. People of my age are not trying to build a career or gain a sinecure but we do care about the future and about opportunities available to young people, including ones close to our families. Some readers don't comment on the blog but contact me directly to provide information or points of view.

      I once told a person that I expected dialogue here to be similar to a conversation I might hold in my living room and that explained why comments are always moderated and usually absent of extreme contributions.

      We're fortunate to have a few commenting regulars who are both articulate and wise. I think it elevates the quality significantly.



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