Monday, December 7, 2015

Loyalty rewarded

UBC Board of Governors elects Stuart Belkin as new chair, UBC News, December 7, 2015:
UBC’s Board of Governors has elected Stuart Belkin as the board’s incoming chair. Belkin is chair and chief executive officer of Belkorp Industries Inc., a private Vancouver-based management holding company.
What the press release did not report is that Stuart Belkin and associated companies contributed, according to Elections BC records, $270,368 to the BC Liberal Party. In addition, Timberwest Forest, where Belkin was a founding director, contributed another $260,047, all of it before the government's BC Investment Corporation bought the entire company for an undisclosed price.

Op-ed: Why is UBC asking us for more money?, Sophie Sutcliffe, The Ubyssey
I, along with the rest of the UBC community, received another broadcast email yesterday. Upon opening it, I discovered another request from UBC for donations, this time under the guise of "Giving Tuesday."

...So no, Martha Piper, I will not be donating today.

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  1. Oh yes, corruption, the ooze the greases BC's wheels, the filthy lucre that makes political appointments and political deals. The stench of the BC Liberals is overpowering, my gorge rises with it.

  2. A read through the list of the Government appointed members to the UBC Board of Governors is like reading a lineup of the head table at a liberal fund raising dinner.

    These appointees (11) outnumber those elected by faculty, staff and students (8).

    Democracy BC style.

  3. BC Government through the pension management agency bought Timberwest for an undisclosed price and BC Hydro bought the Iskut NW powerline extension from Imperial Metals, one of Murray Edwards' companies, for an undisclosed price.

    Too bad the rest of us can't pay to play. It's a very rewarding game.

    1. "Too bad the rest of us can't pay to play." Right. If it wasn't rewarding perhaps we'd get the details. And you thought BC Rail was bad!

  4. Surprised they didn’t appoint Gary (Farrell) Collins as chair. You know, the guy who was so very disappointed he didn’t get to testify in the BC Rail trial. He was Senior Vice-President of Belkorp Industries and President of Coastal Contacts when most of these donations were made.

  5. This is CC at her best, she is against JT and his ideas for the senate. When she is finished as premier she had her sights set on being appointed to the senate. Just like her appointments, she figured she would be owed an appointment. Do you know what CC is in indian languge, Crazy Cow......

    1. I like the Indian language comments -suits her to a "T"


  6. Simple solution to this....ban political contributions...period. Don't say it can't be done, it has to be done to preserve any integrity left in our political system. Otherwise, its nothing but a joke, you end up having to pay to play..can't afford bad suckers...



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