Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's a start

B.C. Liberal party executive director resigns, facing criminal charges in Ontario, CBC News, December 17, 2015:
Laura Miller charged with breach of trust, mischief, and misuse of a computer system to commit mischief...
Questions we must ask:
  • Why was a person under active police investigation hired by Christy Clark's Liberal Party?
  • Did that person have particular qualities that appealed to BC Liberals?

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  1. Norm, you ask (presumably rhetorically): Did that person have particular qualities that appealed to BC Liberals?

    Reading the linked article we find that Miller was "charged with three criminal counts in Ontario in relation to an investigation into the destruction of documents pertaining to cancelled gas plants in Ontario."

    So I think the answer to your question is yes, she fit right in to the culture of Premier Smirk.

  2. Sooner or later, most in the criminal realm actually out smart themselves. One would hope this is the first of many arrests, both in Ontario and here in BC.
    Now it gets interesting. Will the charged individual become a "song bird", and reveal whose involved and how the offences were planned? We can only hope. Intriguing, how only a week or so ago, the email issue here was "halted" by Christy and the minions.
    Perhaps, "rumors" of the impending criminal investigation and charges had something to do with it. One can only wonder.
    Next step, assuming the criminal code is applied equally across Canada, start charging the people involved here, after all the offence(s) are the same.
    Oh, and how does a person under scrutiny for a crimal act, get hired as a executive director, in the Premier's office? Criminal background check? Credentials checked? Hmmm....
    Next question, are we close enough to defining this governance as a criminal organization under the criminal code yet....just asking... a concerned taxpayer.

  3. Q: Why was a person under active police investigation hired by Christy Clark's Liberal Party?
    A: See following question.

    Q: Did that person have particular qualities that appealed to BC Liberals?
    A: See first question.

    I wonder if an influential someone in the BC Liberal Party, coincidentally under active police investigation for destroying public records, would advise the BC Liberals to remove Offence Act sanctions from BC legislation in the unlikely event the police in BC ever wake up? Because that's exactly what coincidentally happened after she showed up bearing the requisite credentials.

  4. I would hope that this would make some delete'ers very nervous about what could happen and decide to be proactive and save themselves rather than potentially take a fall for CC and the gang.
    doubt it though....I would think they will just expand the pie so their piece is bigger and that will make it worth the risk. They have it so rigged here in BC that I doubt they lose any sleep about consequences.

  5. An excellent point Lew, the Offence act sanctions, being removed, is probably only one of a set of "problematic hurdles" for the BC Liberals to have removed in order to continue their "brand" of "corrupt" governance. As can be seen in previous scandals the removal and or rescinding of specific legislation to protect taxpayer assets, is a hallmark of this parties malfeasant behavior.
    The "undoing" of protective and controlling legislation to prevent the abuse of office or power, is in iteslf an intent to corrupt and undermine the democratic protections, previously built into our system of governance.
    Not only the manipulation of legislation, but the "bending" of laws with hidden or malicious intent, can be perceived as an act of corruption.

    1. " "corrupt" "…" " "corrupt" " "…" " " "corrupt" " " "…" " " " "corrupt" " " " "…" " " " " "corrupt" " " " " "…" " " " " " "corrupt" " " " " " "…The over-use of quotation marks is too [BC] Liberal. Here, try this: " " " " " " " "-delete-" " " " " " " "…otherwise, just corrupt is fine.

  6. That is some question, Lew's third question (after Norm's first two).


  7. DARN! You guys addressed it more succinctly than I ever could have! Yes, she seems to fit the mold, or is it 'mould'?

  8. Wow…
    Finally something for us to get excited about, if only temporarily, until the unjust (ice) system steps up to protect their own. Excellent comments by everyone here.
    Funny, this very individual has been on the radar of the blogosphere; you, Norm, Mackin, Yuile and even the MIA Tsakumi for a good chunk of time; perhaps close to 3 years?
    His is what you wrote on Apr. 10 2014 in reference to Billy Goodnot calling it all “CRAP!”
    “Recently, our promedia friends learned that BC Liberal chief Laura Miller was refusing to speak with Ontario police about possible crimes, without first getting immunity. They treated this as a non-story. Going further, Vaughn Palmer served as a Liberal water-carrier and tweeted that Miller had spoken to police seven months ago. His statement ignored the fact she was presently refusing cooperation.”
    Here is some more of the circus freak show;
    Maybe, just maybe all the Clarkies have gotten to cocky and we can only hope someone starts rolling over real soon.

  9. Sorry Norm, completely off the topic here but; that last piece was the first time I used Office 2010, instead of 2007, and it got severely messed up when pasted in. Is there a compatibility issue with 2010 that you know of?

    1. I'm using the latest subscription product, MS Office 365, and I've noticed minor changes as the programs evolve. In-Sights uses Google blogger and I find that it sometimes creates unpredicted formats.

      The program "Notepad" is available on MS Windows machines and it is a simple text editor that will enable you to cut and paste without unexpected format changes.

      Another way to create a text file is to right-click on your Desktop screen and in the menu that appears, click New and then click Text Document.

      Creating a text file this way opens your default text editor with a blank text file on your Desktop. You can change the name of the file to anything you want. You can edit the file in the Notepad program or any other word processing software program, like Microsoft Word.

      If you want to continue using Word software, write your content then use the "save as" command to save a plain text file (*.txt). Reopen the .txt file with word and there will be no format changes.

  10. BC Liberal Party employees: brian bonney, mark robertson, laura miller

  11. Hmmm. Kinsella's blog today says Miller is pure as the driven snow and that the OPP is at fault.

    Seems he knows this person.

    I just wonder what's going on as I live neither in BC or Ontario.

  12. No political party is an island,
    Entire of itself.

    Each is a piece of the Premier,
    A part of her morality.

    If Photo-op be washed away by the sea,
    Coleman will take the helm.

    As well as if LNG promises were.
    Family first is no more.

    For whom the delete button is pressed,
    It is pressed for thee.

    With great apologies to John Donne!

    1. " For [ ] the [ ] button is pressed,
      It is pressed for [ ]."

      There, now it's in BC Liberalese.

  13. it is great stuff like this norm why I send you a small stipend every month and why I no longer buy most newspapers... whose interest is do the work of the .01% and try to oversee us all [after a dozen years writing an entertainment weekly column I no longer write for black press too]

  14. I smell a rat. The story of Ms.Millers demise was just broken yesterday in the MSM. Today I see it's all but shuffled off to Buffalo by Yahoo, CBC, News 1130 and many other news outlets. No MSM asking why Clark hired her, knowing full well the allegations against her in Ontario? The media in this nation need a reality check of epic proportions! Just the pertinent facts please and no scandal involving any politician should be suppressed for any reason.

  15. She is enabled to do these things because the media allows it. With all the things going on with this government on CKNW they were talking about PIE DAY friday. resignations scandals and corruption be dammed . Until there are hundreds of thousands of citizens flooding the legislature demanding removal of this sham of a government nothing will change. We here are very few and we are tilting at windmills.

  16. Norm your two questions left me in stiches. I did need a good laugh this morning. Thank you.

    none of this will have an impact. I fully expect the queen of photo ops to be re-elected, unless they think they can't be re-elected with her in the premier's seat and they'll hire some one like Tod Stone, who is getting ever more press time.

    What may de rail Christy Clark is the proposal to kill double the number of grizzely bears in this province.

    1. Yes, after having the safest possible seat vacated for her, Christy, if indeed she's still Premier by May after next, probably will win---her (by-election) seat back, that is; as to the BC Liberal party? Hmmm…, not to jinx anything, and keeping the last upset in mind (where it is indelibly branded), I'd have to say the odds aren't great for a repeat.

      First, and foremost, the NDP isn't likely to hand the BC Liberals a default win by virtually not showing up like last time, the difference, obviously, being leadership.

      Second, even BC Liberal partisans are disappointed with Christy's performance (the feeling among rival partisans hardly needs mention); she got away with her policy vacuity while it was assumed she hadn't fully taken control of Campbell's government following his ouster, and that she'd do so in earnest after winning "her own mandate" and installing her own people in important positions (recall half the BC Liberal-Campbellite caucus declined to run under Christy in a general election). Although Christy was irrefutably critical in getting her party elected, we can't discount the default, and also have to look at her subsequent performance which, dull as talc, is in stark contrast: instead of the eye-popping, whopper-spewing boosterism we'd become accustomed to, her post-election exposure has been scant and at last resort (forest fires and landslides being safest). She doesn't look like she much enjoys the strictures of the Premierial Rumpus Room the secretive Gordorump caucus has inflicted on her. I've never thought there was much love between Christy and the Gordorumps, but, after the NDP had abandoned the field in their favour, the 801ers were forced to suck up the limelight the irrepressible-loser-of-her-own-seat was happily wallowing in. She has to have been, ever since, the most titular Premier we've ever had.

      So, Christy's had her chance, and she's done nothing to boast about---although she's very good at turning lame excuses and maudlin mendacity into boasting, always eye-popping, naturally.

      But I'll give it to you: there's still time for the BC Liberals to bounce their Christy-critter and replace her with someone more policy-capable before the next election in 17 months. However, it's questionable whether such a replacement would have enough time to put his or her stamp on policy AND defend policy-in-progress, a job that'd take any shiny newness off of a new, shiny BC Liberal Premier who would be the third to assume the job midterm, without a "mandate of their own" (consider that, say, a Coleman or a de Jong, as Premier would have to defend their own complicity in the records of both Gordo AND Christy with…uh…what? "steady as she goes"? Really?)

      I don't think it'll simply be a matter of dumping a bad government: the NDP, properly led, will present policies that'll win on their own merit.



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