Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ahem, indeed

A while back, I complained on Twitter that corporate media types were failing to report on the near complete disappearance of revenues from this year's monthly sales of petroleum and natural gas rights. Northern reporter Jonny Wakefield had a quick one-word response that had me pedaling backward:

The Alaska Highway News - unlike Postmedia - has not partnered with the resource industries and traded news reporting for public relations. Old folks among my readers will remember Ma Murray, the newspaper's extraordinary founder. From their website:
Alaska Highway News' staff is dedicated to continuing Ma's tradition of covering local news relevant to the region. As Ma said, "We're the only newspaper in the world that gives a tinker's damn about the North Peace."
Today, Jonny is reporting more material that his big city cousins won't touch.

Despite LNG, 2016 promises to be a grim year for B.C. oilpatch:
In a forecast released last week, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) said the oilpatch is on track for its worst year since 1983, with 2016 promising to be just as bad.

Operating days, a measure of drilling sector strength, fell from 90,161 in 2014 to 32,616 year-to-date in Alberta—a decrease of around 64 per cent.

B.C. saw a decline of 45 per cent, from 16,616 days in 2014 to 9,129 year to date.

"I think across the board it's still a brutal industry," said Scholz.
Aren't we glad British Columbia didn't hitch its wagon to fossil fuels. Oh, wait...

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  1. I've seen a few articles from this publication. They were good. I will have to bookmark them, as honest media deserves to be shared. Thanks Norman and Jonny. And Ma...

  2. Vaughn Palmer reads your blog or listens to you on Ian Jessop's radio show because he finally wrote about the non-existent gas revenues.

    Gosh Vaughn, just a little late I think.

  3. I find it discouraging that Christy is seeing unexpected revenues from real estate's property transfer tax.

  4. Yet, over on the CBC BC website, there is an article about how school enrollment is booming due to the economic activity in the northeast. They attribute the economic activity to Site C and the anticipation of LNG. Is there any explanation for this apparent inconsistency?

    1. I'd like to hear more about this. Can you supply a link?

    2. When the oil patch was booming, many young people, especially grade 10 and up, chose to leave school in favor of working in the industry to make a quick buck.. I saw this firsthand, being from the area originally. Now that the industry is "bust", I suspect many young people, faced with unemployment in a wintery bleak climate, have chosen, or been directed, to return to school. I would like to know if the enrollment bulges for the grade(s) coinciding with the legal working age?

  5. Vaughn Palmer is a disgrace. The benchmark should be the facts. It shouldn't be a tally sheet that shows that it's one for the Libs and then one for the NDP. Doing so gives him cover that he's "fair."

  6. Good to see, albeit a bit late, that Palmer, is finally seeing the "the big bad internet bloggers" actually have something worth reading and hearing. now if you can get Baldry on the same page, we might turn the MSM, (read disinformation industry"), around to the real "truths".

    You always back up your stories with well researched materials, graphs and discussion, from twitter and other like minded bloggers.
    Thanks to you Norm, your many sources and other bloggers. The "real truth" for BC, can be found on this site daily.

  7. Did you see that? The Alaska Highway News reported that Bill Bennett said: "The Alberta licence plates on the construction site indicate that B.C. workers are returning from Alberta." No Bill, that indicates the construction workers are from Alberta. Where they don't pay PST or B.C. income tax. Boy, what a loser! You guys sure know how to pick 'em. And the 'preferred contractor' is from Alberta, Spain and Korea. Founded in 2006 'with a long history of building these type of projects on time and on budget.'

  8. The MSM is a disgrace. You hear nothing from them about a lot of things, which they ought to be reporting about, if they didn't have their noses up the B.C. Lieberal's arses. if there is news, check out the bloggers, not the MSM.

    Now that we aren't going to be having all those trillions of dollars and millions of jobs, how does Christy plan on paying the bills here in B.C.

    B.C. must be having some sort of problems when you see the Union Gospel Mission talking about increased number of families coming for their meals to them. We have more and more homeless, the rates for welfare are not going up and neither are the disability rates. How in the hell do the B.C. Lieberals expect people to exist. Perhaps they don't. Perhaps they are hoping they will die, just like the 4 kids who died in their care. There is no evidence the B.C. Lieberals care about the people of B.C. They haven' tried to even introduce a poverty reduction plan. Something which other provinces have done.



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