Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bloggers miss you Bill Good

It's now a year since Bill Good departed from his morning place at CKNW. His absence has been bad news for scribblers in the nether regions of the internet since it means no more easy pieces like the ones linked here. Two audio clips from my bank of favourites:

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  1. Obviously BG et al. didn't/don't follow the half that aren't/weren't "crap" and/or garbage: Insights, Keeping It Real, Bob Mackin.ca, Strategic Thoughts, The Real Story, No Strings Attached, to mention but a few.

  2. Only miss Good for one reason... He was the standard I used to set and recalibrate the Liberal BS spin meter. Funny it still seems to regularly go off the scale anyway so actually I do not miss him at all.

    I think I heard the has-been Lib/Con Alison Mills frothing in support with Good's revelation that the blogosphere is all 'crap' in one of the links.

    One good reason to shutter the Senate would be to insure Good doesn't take up residence.


    1. Indeed, Alise Mills is credited with these bon mots:

      "I don't know how they do that, I don't know how they do that knowing you have a family or that you have a profession or that you've worked sooo hard in your life and, those, I knew this conversation was coming up and I looked at some of the blogs and they're just garbage.

      "They're absolute garbage. I mean the National Inquirer is a better publication than half those blogs out there, in political life in BC."

      It seems the main problem she has here is that what was written in Pundit, partisan or ? is not garbage. It's uncomfortable truth.


  3. It is interesting that the "crap" in the blogoshere had more truth in it than the "crap" on NW.

    Poor Bill, he just could not understand that the internet set a standard he could not maintain. A yesterday's "Dollar a Holler" man who just could not deal with the way the net made his programming suspect. Vanilla Bill, we don't miss ya.

  4. Bill Good a shadow of Bill Good Senior

  5. Elise didn't write off all of BC's bloggers, only half of them. I'll call that faint praise — but still praise, considering the source.

  6. And those damn Capital Direct commercials. Bill, retire.

  7. Lol.

    "Checks and balances" of the blogosphere; I cant stop giggling.
    The internet is forever, Bill.

  8. We so missed the Three Stooges and their insightful, penetrating, deluded paid for PSAs for Krusty and friends. Welcome back, Tommy Shanks, you were missed! BTW, any remedy for a plugged bung hole? ..... Your loan crowd seems legit... Maybe you've got a fibre recommendation. A to and fro with Pammy would be great! Art imitating life!....Jeeez.

  9. Now we hear Vanilla Bill will be back on air. Did you have to long for his reappearance Norm????

    1. With 1 minute editorials squeezed between commercials, I don't expect much grist for the mill.



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