Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Secret LNG negotiations revealed

Adrian Raeside, one British Columbia's fine editorial cartoonists, probably says more in one panel about the state of LNG negotiations that my words could ever achieve. Reproduced here with his kind permission.

A collection of Adrian Raeside's work is available through Harbour Publishing.

Link to Raeside's home page.
Check out the gallery of editorial cartoons and by clicking on the label RAESIDE shown below, find examples repeated here.

Not a Raeside effort, the following was provided by a reader.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  2. Raeside's gentle hand penetrates the thickest layers of bafflegab.

  3. the open hand of cards prove the libs are being fleeced by bluffs, hilarious

  4. Raeside is BC's most valuable resource!

    1. please don't call him a VALUABLE RESOURCE.... the libs will try to sell him off

  5. I find political cartoons hit the nail on the head more often than many columnists. I daily check on the cartoonist for the Halifax Chronicle Herald and he continues to amaze me. As do many others.

  6. I miss Bob Krieger's and Dan Murphy's work in Duh Province. Too "nail on the head" too often for the Postmedia brass. Don't wanna upset their large ad accounts.

  7. G. Barry StewartJune 11, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    "probably says more in one panel about the state of LNG negotiations that my words could ever achieve."

    In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, there was an excellent piece written (I think) the National Post. I haven't been able to find it since. Essentially, the writer said that cartoons — like all graphic images — travel to our brains at the speed of light. The same message in words travels at the speed of our reading and understanding.Both have their own power but there's no denying the sudden impact of a good cartoon or photo.

    A strength of your site, Norm, is your mix of graphics and text. Your graphs, for example, get the reader's attention — then the text (including comments) gives an added dimension to the topic.



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