Saturday, June 6, 2015

How a people live

The trailer for Lisa Jackson's fine documentary: How a People Live, the story of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations of BC.

The full 45 minute documentary is available through the CBC Player. I recommend it.

The trailer for another short film by Lisa Jackson, available with many others on her website linked above.

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  1. Thanks Norm, very moving and informative and a testament to the spirit of those people. The tragedy of what was done to them but also their will to carry on.
    They truly possess a connection to the land and sea that is part of their being and not something that can be taken from them. When will we let them live as they should.
    They truly are the keepers and protectors of the land and sea and should be given the upmost respect for that. God help us all if they should perish as the government would wish.

    I understand the need for commercials but the experience of watching is cheapened somehow by their presence. This documentary should be presented start to finish without interruption. It deserves that.

  2. “How a People Live” should be shown to every student entering secondary school. Had it been available decades ago as one part of an open and honest curricular examination of what happened, today’s politicians would be unable to get away with their current intransigence. Informed voters wouldn’t stand for it, because anyone not moved by that piece doesn’t have a soul. Some wrongs can never be righted, but not addressing those that can is itself a wrong writ large.

    As it is, Christy Clark is able to unilaterally pull the plug on an existing treaty process without consulting the other two partners or presenting a timely workable alternative, and walk away to plan her next insult on democracy. Too bad our local journalists are too busy wondering what colour her yoga pants will be at the forthcoming photo-op to ask her what she thought of Lisa Jackson’s documentary. And whether her soul is the least bit troubled.



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